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My Position Was The Weakest…The Anti-Vaxxers Clearly Won!

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Cartoonist Scott Adams, once a major proponent of the COVID vaccine, has done a shocking 360 and now admits that “the anti-vaxxers appear to be right.”

With mounting evidence that the shot simply does not work as well as originally claimed, Adams says people who opposed getting the shots were clearly “the smartest ones, and they’re still alive.”

Here’s the video that anti-vaxxers, given Adams’ history of defending the vaccine, say “broke the Internet.”

Adams, who gained prominence as the creator of the popular Dilbert comic strip, admits he stood in line with the majority of  Americans and took his first vaccine shot. No problems.

But with a second shot a few months later, he became very ill.

In the midst of his pain and suffering, he put out this quote:

But I can tell you, if I felt like this in a year, I would look to kill myself.

So let me say it directly. If I feel like this next year, I’m going to look to kill myself.

Because I don’t want to live like this.

Like, I’m not going to do this — I’m not going to do this two years.

I’ll do this one year.

I’ll give you one year with this amount of pain.

And then next — I’m not going to do two years. Promise you I won’t do two.

Needless to say, he was hurting.

At the same time, reports about the vaccine’s ineffectiveness began to flood the media. Check this excerpt from Liberty Daily:

  • mRNA technology had been disastrous in ALL previous developments and tests, including horrible deaths for animal subjects a decade earlier.
  • Anthony Fauci was leading the charge to promote the jabs, and as everyone should have been aware of before listening to him, his track record of giving advice in the early days of new diseases is abysmal. Lest we forget, this is the guy who went on national television to tell people they could catch AIDS just by being near an infected family member.
  • One of the first nurses to get jabbed, Tiffany Dover, seemed to have an adverse reaction almost immediately. Some argue that she had a thing for needles, to which I would ask why they would pick someone who had a problem with needles to get jabbed on television? And why would she be a nurse if she’s scared of needles? And where is she now?
  • Perhaps most importantly, by the time the jabs were ready to roll out, the death rates for Covid-19 had dropped dramatically. It was as if the numbers were artificially inflated ahead of the presidential election, only to have a perfectly timed miracle of three jabs simultaneously coming available a couple of weeks later.

Like many Americans, Adams came to question whether the big pharmaceuticals were selling false goods to the American people. With people dropping like flies everyday, he was soon wondering if something would affect him, as well.

Just because he took that second shot.

Downright scary.

That’s when he changed his mind completely and and changed from “pro” to “anti.”

Coincidentally, it was the same day that Elon Musk announced his own bad experiences with the vaccine,

What do Scott Adams fans think about his change of thinking?

Regardless of where you stand on this issue, one thing is clear: having an open mind and making changes does not make you wishy washy.

It simply means that you recognize the truth when you see it, and are prepared to change as necessary.

Not a bad approach to life, is it?

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