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More Than 70% of Gas Stations in Charlotte, North Carolina Out of Fuel

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This is Biden’s America.

Gas shortages and long lines at gas stations in Southeastern states are being reported after “hackers” shut down the Colonial Pipeline.

By Wednesday morning, more than 70% of the gas stations in Charlotte, North Carolina were out of fuel.

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Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency on Monday over North Carolina’s gas shortage.

Under the emergency declaration, the state’s price gouging law is in effect and fuel regulations are temporarily suspended.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management Response said the City of Charlotte maintains its own fuel reserve and has adequate supply but asked the public to limit non-essential travel as a precautionary measure.

WSOC-TV reported:

Channel 9 has crews spread out at several gas stations across the Carolinas and most of them have had cars lined up, with drivers waiting to fill their tanks.

As of Wednesday morning, 71% of gas stations in Charlotte were out of fuel while 28.2% of North Carolina gas stations were without supply, according to GasBuddy.

The City of Charlotte said it is preparing for “prolonged interruption” of gas reserves. Officials said the city maintains its own fuel reserve and there is enough supply at the moment.

City staff have been asked to limit non-essential travel as a precautionary measure and officials are urging people to avoid buying unnecessary gas.

It took only FOUR MONTHS for Joe Biden to ruin the US.

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