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Moonbat Dem Trots Out Ridiculous Claim About Biden’s Classified Docs

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After Democrats realized that Joe Biden had classified documents strewn throughout his house and office, they apparently realized they couldn’t simply dismiss the story — especially after sending in the feds to ransack Donald Trump’s home over trumped-up charges related to the very same issue.

Instead, far-left officials like Rep. Hank Johnson decided to dive right into the deep lake of outlandish conspiracy theories.

Here’s what the Washington Examiner reported:

He cast doubt on the situation, saying the timing was suspicious and speculating that Biden may be the target of malicious actors.

“My response to it all is that alleged classified documents showing up allegedly in possession of Joseph Biden, you know, I mean, there’s so much that needs to be investigated, and that’s what I call for is for everything to be investigated,” Johnson said.

“But I’m suspicious of the timing of it. I’m also aware of the fact that things can be planted on people. Places and things can be planted. … Things can be planted in places and then discovered conveniently. That may be what has occurred here. I’m not ruling that out. But I’m open in terms of the investigation — needs to be investigated,” he said.

The ridiculous and unfounded notion was rightfully pilloried across social media.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Johnson has spouted some absolute nonsense. He’s the same guy that thought Guam might tip over if too many people visit at one time.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported way back in 2010:

Johnson’s comments came during a House Armed Services Committee meeting as he questioned Adm. Robert Willard, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, about the impact of U.S. troops on the little island.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson said, straight-faced and seemingly serious.

The admiral seemed to take the question seriously, too. “We don’t anticipate that,” he said, proceeding to describe the population on Guam.

The derision online quickly gained momentum Thursday.

A note from a reader to a blog at National Review Online said, “My son is stationed on Guam. I just sent him the video and told him to run to the other side of the island. He said one of his shipmates showed up to work with a life vest on!”

Here’s a clip of that unforgettable blast from the past:

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