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Montana State Legislature Passes Bill Banning Employers From Demanding Compulsory Vaccinations

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Our collective freedoms have been under an unrivalled assault by the government working in tandem with the mainstream media and the big tech for far too long.

Although, we could still win especially since the constitution is behind us.

The constitution still remains our major shield against these draconian actions taken by this government; actions such as national mass mandate and forced vaccinations.

But make no mistake, as we all already know, the Biden regime will fight tooth and nail to uphold this actions for as long as possible.

But the exciting news is that the battles for our freedoms are progressively starting to materialize at state level, with one of these states being Montana.

Here’s the latest on this story:

The Daily Wire had more info:

The Montana legislature on Tuesday passed a bill prohibiting employers from requiring their employees to receive a coronavirus vaccine as a condition of employment.

The bill bars employers from denying employment opportunities, educational opportunities, privileges, licensing, goods, or services based on vaccination status or whether someone has an immunity passport. Employers are still permitted to strongly recommend that workers get vaccinated.

The bill was amended so it would not affect vaccine requirements at public schools, but individuals can seek religious or medical exemptions to those vaccination requirements.

The bill now gets sent to Republican Governor Greg Gianforte for his signature.

“Up to now Montana employers have respected the fundamental, personal, medical and religious freedoms of Montanans,” GOP state senator Tom McGillvray, who presented the bill, said last week, according to the Associated Press.

However, that’s not the case anymore,” he said. “There are employers … that are requiring and coercing employees to get vaccinations under threat of termination and intimidation.”

Some health care organizations voiced their opposition to the bill, the Montana Hospital Association expressing concerns that “will prevent healthcare facilities from screening potential employees in the hiring process without violating the newly created discrimination provisions in the bill.”

Fear mongering liberal “Health Care Organizations” unsurprisingly voiced their opposition to the bill.

This Twitter user made an important point.

The Hill had more to report:

The Montana legislature has passed a bill prohibiting employers from requiring that their workers get a particular vaccine.

The legislation, House Bill 702, makes it unlawful for employers to refuse or bar employment or discriminate against a person based on whether they have been vaccinated.

It also prohibits a person or governmental entity from denying goods, services or employment opportunities based on vaccination status. Further, it prevents a public accommodation from limiting or excluding people based on whether they have been vaccinated.

The legislation clarifies that these requirements do not prohibit employers or governmental entities from recommending employees get vaccinated. It also doesn’t apply to vaccination requirements from schools or day care facilities.

The Montana House passed the measure on Monday by a 67-32 vote, after the Senate passed it 32-18 on Friday, according to records on the state legislature’s website.

The legislation now heads to Gov. Greg Gianforte’s (R) desk for his signature. It would take effect on July 1.

While the bill doesn’t specifically mention COVID-19 vaccines in its text, it prevents people from being required to receive “any vaccine whose use is allowed under an emergency use authorization or any vaccine undergoing safety trials.”

The three coronavirus vaccines currently in use in the United States- one from Pfizer and BioNTech; one from Moderna; and one from Johnson & Johnson – have all received such emergency authorizations from the Food and Drug Administration.

The measure appears to be targeted at a health system accused of requiring employers to get vaccinated. According to The Associated Press, some who supported it were employees of Benefits Health System who claimed they were told to get vaccinated to continue working.

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