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Military Family Takes Up Fight Against HOA to Fly American Flag in Yard

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Twenty-three miles away from where the family lives in Telford, Pennsylvania, a group of Americans made a stand for what they believe in.

And in the same spirit as those soldiers who camped on Valley Forge, the family is fighting for the right to fly the American flag freely.

Darlene and Rocco Lacertosa have two sons in the military.

To honor their children, they put up a flag pole to fly the flag for which their sons are willing to give their last full measure of devotion.


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But the Galman Group, which manages the complex where the family lives, says there are rules that must take precedence, according to Fox News.

The homeowners association sent the family a letter saying that the flagpole is on community ground, and therefore cannot be allowed to exist.

“Very upsetting since we have two sons in the military and this flag pole was Rocco’s dad’s which he proudly flew every day until the day he died,” Darlene Lacertosa wrote in a social media post. “Very upsetting.”

Battles over flying Old Glory have taken place before, including one instance in which a resident painted his house to resemble a flag.

The Pennsylvania case has not quite gotten that far yet.

The family is pushing back against the association’s claim that the rules for flying flags on common ground are quite clear.

Do you think this family should be allowed to fly their flag?

The Galman Group said the rules are the rules. “The standards specifically permit the American flag to be flown when mounted to a house but do not permit in-ground flags in the community,” a spokesman for the Galman Group said, according to

“The Galman Group and the Board at Indian Valley Meadows welcome its residents to display the American flag, and other appropriate flags, in accordance with the guidelines established for the benefit of the community,” the statement said.

The group told the patriotic family that it trusts “that as a homeowner … you recognize that keeping the entire community looking good helps to promote strong values.”


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