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Mayor of Chicago Calls For Cashless Transactions To Stop Crime

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During a recent television debate, Democrat Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot claimed to have the solution to robberies in the inner city.

Lightfoot was asked by the debate moderator how she would help vendors on Little Village Street to stop being robbed.

Lightfoot would respond by saying she  recommends the vendors “not use cash and to make sure that the cash they do take in is secure.”

So after calling for Chicago to defund its police department the only solution from Lightfoot to stop crime now is to go cashless.

Watch her make the idiotic statement here:

CWB Chicago had more details to add:

Chicago police should run after fleeing suspects and “hunt them down like a rabbit.”

Too terrified to work, thanks to a wave of robberies by heavily armed men, Little Village street vendors should protect themselves by converting to cashless payment systems.

Those public safety improvement ideas, offered by Willie Wilson and Mayor Lori Lightfoot respectively, stood out among a sea of well-worn talking points during a televised debate of mayoral candidates on Thursday evening.

Wilson repeatedly talked about easing restrictions on the city’s cops.

“Take the handcuffs of policeman, put on people who is actually doing it,” the millionaire businessman suggested early in the debate. He later claimed police are “afraid to arrest somebody for fear they they’re gonna get arrested themselves.”

But he saved his most colorful iteration of the idea, referring to CPD limitations on foot and vehicle pursuits, for his closing statement: “We’ll be tough on crime. We’ll remove all the restriction things from our police officer. Somebody run, chase somebody by foot, car, that police officer should be able to chase them down and hunt them down like a rabbit, okay?

With the Little Village robberies and hold-ups of postal carriers as background, the candidates were asked to detail their plan to protect workers “who have to go out on the street day in and day out to make ends meet.”

“We’ve been in Little Village working with those vendors hand in glove to make sure that they are doing things that they can do to protect themselves,” Lightfoot replied. “Like not using cash. Making sure that the cash they do take in is secure.”

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