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Master List of Adverse Reactions to The Vaccine!

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Maddie de Garay, 13, paralyzed after volunteering for a Pfizer vaccine trial

Jacob Clynick, 13, died in his sleep three days after receiving his second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus jab.

Male, 15, Cardiac failure, death 1 day following Pfizer vaccination. Female, 16 died 9 days after Pfizer vaccine from cardiac arrest

Teenager, 15, death 2 days following Pfizer second dose. Previously healthy, cause of death listed as “stress cardiomyopathy with perivascular coronary artery inflammation (hours to days), due to, unknown etiology in setting of recent Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 vaccination (days).”

Azorean Tatum, 16, football player. Collapsed on-field and died 4 days later, a few weeks post-Pfizer vaccination.

A 16-year-old boy suffered a cardiac arrest after lifting weights six days into receiving his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Sean Hartman, 17, hockey player suffered from “multiple” health problems “immediately” after the jab, including myocarditis, and died of a heart attack.

Berlingieri, 17, athlete. diagnosed with heart condition after receiving COVID vaccine, father tells Fox and Friends.

Everest Romney, 17-year-old basketball player. 8 days after the Pfizer vaccine developed clots in his brain and neck (and his father developed over 100 in his lungs.

Simone Scott, 19. Northwestern University student died of myocarditis on June 11, two months after she received her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and a month after receiving the second dose.

Volodymyr Salo: 19-year-old Ukrainian student, dies 7 hours after Pfizer shot.

Cienna Knowles, 19, equestrian star hospitalized due to blood clots after Pfizer shot:

Ketsiree Kongkaew, 20, student. First had leg amputated after SinoVac/AstraZeneca, later died of brain clots.

Luke Garrett, 20, muscular dystrophy, died 12 hours after Pfizer shot.

Christian Blandini, a University of Catania volleyball player described as a “rising star,” died inexplicably on September 9. (the University of Catania requires students accessing facilities to have a Covid-19 “Green Pass” which show a person’s been vaccinated).

University of Ottawa Gee-Gees defensive lineman Francis Perron died suddenly over the weekend (The University of Ottawa earlier this month launched its new mandatory vaccination policy, stating, “anyone who intends on coming to campus for any reason must be vaccinated.”)

John Foley, 21, a pre-med student. died a day after getting Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

21-year-old female college student died one week after getting her first dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in Gongju, South Chungcheong.

John Stokes, 21, NCAA Tennessee State University golf team member, took to social media to discuss how he experienced myocarditis, or heart inflammation, four days after his second Pfizer dose.

Imogen Allen, 22, Equestrian, developed two massive blood clots on her lungs two weeks after her first jab.

Shannon Olsen, 22, Healthcare worker, started having uncontrolled seizures 3 months after second Pfizer dose (ongoing).

Roy Butler, 23, Irish soccer player Watford FC dies after Jansen:

Daniel Brito, 23, Minor league player suffered stroke mid-game soon after his shot.

Kyle Warner, pro BMX cyclist has pericarditis post vaccine:
TWO West Indies Women’s Cricketers Collapse in 10 mins:

Boris Sadecky, 24, professional hockey player. Died after cardiac arrest during match (80% of the league is vaccinated).

Desiree Penrod, 25, posted on Facebook how bad she was feeling after the shot, died 6 days later.

Former Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin, 26, out for the season after getting blood clots from the COVID19 vaccine.

Yusuke Kinoshita, 27, baseball pro dies 7 weeks post vaccine:

Haziq Kamaruddin, 27, Olympic archer. Died on May 14, after collapsing at his home days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine (blocked coronary artery).

Paul Zisper, 27, Munich basketball pro, has emergency surgery after brain hemorrhage, young athlete post vaccine related to J and J:

Jack Last, 27, died 3 weeks after getting the shot.

Sarah Sickles, 28, suffered hemorrhage and brain swelling after second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Haley Link Brinkmeyer, 28, died January 21 after receiving either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

Filip Ingebrigsten, 28, Norwegian runner young athlete suffers loss of form post-vaccine:

Pedro Obiang, 29, soccer. diagnosed with myocarditis and pneumonia last month days after receiving a Covid vaccine.

A man in his late 20s died Sunday, 20 days after receiving a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in Jeju. A healthy young mailman, who was 25-year-old, was found dead on Aug. 10, three days following his second Pfizer jab.

Florian Dagoury, World Record Holder In Static Breath-Hold Freediving, developed myocarditis following second Pfizer shot.

Antoine Mechin, 31, French triathlete suffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna:

Daniel Shepherd, age unknown, healthy/athletic. Developed pericarditis and heart scarring 3 weeks after Pfizer shot, girlfriend developed myocarditis 3 days after her shot.

Antoine Méchin, 32, triathelete, pulmonary embolism after Moderna shot, ongoing lung issues.

Cody Flint, 33, Agricultural pilot. Immediate intercranial pressure after the shot became worse over the following days, dx with inner ear rupture, had surgery on both ears, career ended

Vinny Curry, 33, New York Jets defensive end. Developed life-threatening blood clots o

Jeremy Chardy, 34, tennis pro cannot train or play after vaccine:

Dr. J. Barton Williams, 36, orthopedic surgeon, died of multi-organ system failure, weeks after vaccine. Had recovered from Covid prior to the vaccine.

Jessica Berg Wilson, a 37-year-old mother of two, died from COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

Francesca Marcon, 38, volleyball professional can’t play, has pericarditis post-vaccine:

Kassidi Kurill, 39, died four days after her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. No known health issues.

Geoffrey Young, 47, FBI special agent died 24 hours after receiving Pfizer shot

Other famous people

Stephanie Dubois, 39, model. Died from a blood clot days after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine in Cyprus.

Ashley Taylor Gerren, actress, dies after getting Covid vaccine

Melle Stewart, 40, Australian actress died of stroke 2 weeks post AstraZeneca shot.
“I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us.” India’s Public Health

Ambassador Vivekh on national TV as he took the vaccination. He passed away less than twenty-four hours later.

Dan Kaminsky, 42, died on April 23 from clotting issues, 2 weeks after 2nd Pfizer shot.

Lisa Shaw, 44, BBC presenter dies from blood clots related to the AstraZeneca vaccine

Puneeth Rajkumar, 46, Bollywood star, dies of heart attack.

Midwin Charles: 47-year-old MSNBC legal analyst likely suffered for days before dying one month after experimental mRNA shot

Jovita Moore, 53, Atlanta news reporter, died of brain cancer. She was diagnosed just 10 days after receiving the second covid shot.

Russell Woolf: 56-Year-Old Radio Host dies 2 months after receiving The AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine… he had no known underlying health issues.

Bob Odenkirk, 58, Better Call Saul star, got into the best shape of his life to film an action movie, then collapsed randomly afterwards with a heart condition. (Vaxxed in March, collapsed in July)

Drene Keyes, 58, Virginia minister, dies within hours of vaccine.

Tim Zook, 60, difficulty breathing/stomach issues within hours of shot, died four days later.

Michael Mitchell: 65-year-old “Braveheart” actor receives both Sinovac injections, then third Pfizer “booster” shot, dead six days later

Marvelous Marvin Hagler, 66, middleweight boxing champion. Died

Karen Hudson-Samuels, 68, Detroit anchorwoman, dies one day after taking vaccine.

Eric Clapton, 76, suffered from numbness and burning after AstraZeneca shots.

Hank Aaron, 86, died 2 weeks after vaccine.

Three Ohio judges in a 9-day span die after the vax mandate in Cuyahoga County.
News and More Resources:

U.S. Sen. Johnson Holds News Conference With Families Injured by COVID Vaccines, Ignored by Medical Community

Swedish health officials have now decided that a moratorium on giving the Moderna vaccine to anyone under 31 will be extended indefinitely, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

Heart Inflammation In Teens Explodes Across US After FDA Approves Injections.

Yale Doctor: I’d Pull a Healthy Kid From School Before Giving Them the COVID Vaccine

FDA Committee Member Admits He Doesn’t Know If The Vaccine Is Safe For Kids But Approves It Anyway: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”

133 pages of reports here: Mega Compilation (2).pdf

Many more reports here:

More reports here:

More reports here: The Official – Covid 19 Vaccine Potential

Adverse Event Testimonial Thread – Twitter.

Thousands of reports on local ABC Facebook post:

VAERS: 837,593 adverse events

WHO adverse reaction database: 2,444,292 adverse events,

Thousands report developing abnormal tumors following COVID shots.
These are athletes who have collapsed and/or died this year, many with heart-related events. No link to vaccine is given so this is just FYI.

Pa. boy, 12, died at basketball practice:

Marco, 13, soccer player, collapsed and died from heart issue.

Ava Azzopardi, 14, Runaway Bay soccer player collapses and suffers cardiac arrest in the under-14/15s grand final:

Pa. high school senior dies of ‘sudden cardiac incident’ after helping at soccer game.

Ivan Hicks, 16, Football player. Collapsed, and died.
16-year-old youth suffered cardiac arrest after weightlifting:

Ethan Jovani Trejo, a 16-year-old soccer player, collapsed on the field during conditioning

Donadrian Robinson, 17, Football.

Jack Alkhatib, HS senior, Football, collapsed at practice, died.

Rune Coghe, 18, Belgian soccer player suffers cardiac arrest on pitch:

Jacob Downey, 19, Queens Uni Hockey player passes away after medical emergency:

Kamila Label-Farrel, 19, Uni Basketball Star died unexpectedly:

Quandarius Wilburn, 19, Virginia Freshman collapsed during the team’s preseason training and passes away:

Dylan Rich, 19, FA Youth Cup – player suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the field, passes away:

Jack Draper, 19, tennis, collapses at Miami Open (likely heat exhaustion)

Garissone Innocent 20, soccer player. Collapsed with tachycardia

Jake Ehlinger, 20, University of Texas linebacker found dead – cause unknown:

Luis Ojeda, 20, Argentine soccer player unexpectedly passes away:

Greg Luyssen, 22, Belgian pro cyclist ends career due to heart issues:

Wessam Abou Ali, 22, soccer player collapsed on field, now has implantable defibrillator.

Gilbert Kwemoi, 23 track and field medalist, collapses and died at home (after a short illness)

Ceylin Alvarado, 23, pro cyclists out for season due to blood complications:

Samuel Kalu, 24, collapses minutes into soccer game:

Josh Downie: Cricketer, 24, dies after heart attack at practice

NZ Olympic cyclist Olivia Podmore, 24, found dead at home Monday

Three young Belgian cyclists suffer heart issues following race:

Moussa Dembele, 24, soccer, collapses in training and requires medical attention

Alex Apolinario, 24, soccer, dies after collapsing on pitch during match in Portugal

Francis Perron, 25, dies after soccer game –

Jente van Genechten, 25, soccer player collapses on field due to heart attack:

Cameron Burrell, 26, dead: US sprint star dies in unexplained incident:

Jens De Smet, 27, soccer, collapsed on field, died hours later.

Emil Palsson, 28, Sognal midfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game:

Josh Archibald, 28, Oilers hockey forward out indefinitely due to myocarditis:

Giuseppe Perrino, 29, soccer player, died at brother’s memorial match after collapsing while playing

Dave Hyde 29 Rugby (collapsed post-match, died)

Christian Eriksen, 29, Soccer, collapsed on field at Euros due to heart issue, resuscitated. Now has an implantable defibrillator.

Avi Barot, 29, cardiac arrest.

Frederic Lartillot, French soccer player collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game:

Cameron Dale, 29, Australian sailor, dies after catastrophic stroke:

Ewan Fraser, 30, Glasgow hockey player suffered cardiac arrest, passes away:

David Jenkins, 31, Olympic silver medalist diver unexpectedly passes away:

Jimmy Hayes, 31, former Bruins player unexpectedly dies:

Benjamin Taft, 31, German soccer player collapses after game, passes away due to heart attack:

Alex Evans 31 (cardiac arrest, died)

Fabrice N’Sakala 31, soccer, (collapsed on pitch, hospital recovery)

Jimmy Hayes, 31, former Bruins player unexpectedly dies:

Kjeld Nuis, 31, Dutch professional skater admitted to hospital with inflamed heart:

Dimitri Lienard, 33, FC Strasbourg midfielder collapses during game:

Sergio Aguero, 33, Barecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match:

Devaraj Anchan, 33, Volleyball player collapses during game, dies of cardiac arrest

Vinny Curry, 33, out for season due to blood clots:

Alex Stalock, 34, NHL, out for the season due to heart condition:

Charles Bulu, 34, Ghanaian referee collapses during AFCON Match

Tom Felton, 34, collapses during golf game:

Meghan Roth, 34, runner collapses during Boston marathon due to cardiac episode:

Markis Kido, 36, badminton, collapses during game, dies of heart attack.

Parys Haralson, 37, former Saints linebacker dies

Jen Gouveia, 38, suffered cardiac arrest during a run:

Bollywood’s star, 40, dies following heart attack

Maqsood Anwar, 44, cricket player (heart attack, died)

Simon Greenberg, 52, sports journalist turned PR guy

Mary Hanley, Irish Cross-Country runner (died after short illness)

Raymond van Barneveld, 53, dart player, collapses and receives paramedic attention during PDC Players Championship

Bert Smith, 56, NCAA referee, collapses on court (blood clot in his lung), taken off on stretcher during first half of Gonzaga-USC men’s Elite Eight game.

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