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Karine Jean-Pierre Won’t Say if Biden Regime Will Release “Unclassified Version” of Chinese Lab Leak Assessment (VIDEO)

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday wouldn’t say if the Biden Regime will release an “unclassified version” of the Chinese lab leak assessment.

Joe Biden is once again protecting China.

The US Energy Department came out and claimed that Covid was released from a lab.

But no American entity has yet to claim that the release was intentional.

NSC spox John Kirby earlier Monday refused to confirm the DOE’s lab leak report.

“There is not a consensus right now in the US government about exactly how COVID started,” Kirby said.

“What caused the DOE assessment and was the President himself briefed on that?” AP reporter Chris Megerian asked Kirby.

“Again, I’m not going to confirm the press reporting,” Kirby said adding that Biden has been ‘informed’ along the way.

Karine Jean-Pierre played the same games with reporters and refused to confirm the DOE’s report.

“Are there any plans for the administration to release an unclassified of the Energy Department’s Covid origin report, and if not, why is the administration choosing to keep that assessment classified?” a reporter asked KJP.

KJP refused to give a straight answer.


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