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Karine Jean-Pierre Can’t Explain Why Biden Invoked the Defense Production Act for Solar Panel Manufacturing (VIDEO)

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The Biden Administration is one big dumpster fire.

Gas prices surged to $4.865 per gallon on Monday.

In response to this historic surge in energy costs Joe Biden enacted the Defense Production Act to produce more solar panels.

Makes sense.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t explain why Joe Biden invoked the DPA for solar panels.

“What’s the real emergency in the solar industry for the Defense Production Act?” a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

Of course Jean-Pierre delivered a word salad and did not answer the question.


Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich pointed out that Biden’s invocation of the Defense Production Act for solar panel manufacturing is a gift to the Chinese.

“On the solar panels, how is this not a gift to Chinese solar manufacturers who–many of whom operate with forced labor and are subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party?” Heinrich said.

Karine Jean-Pierre insisted Biden’s announcement is all about the US and clean energy.

No one believes this.


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