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Kari Lake Will NOT Concede Even After Media Calls Race for Hobbs

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It’s not over until it’s over.

An inside from the Kari Lake campaign has confirmed that Lake will NOT concede the race.

Last night, the media began calling the race for Democrat Katy Hobbs, who presided over her own election.

Despite the conflict of interest, the media began calling the race for Hobbs once the total number of votes reported hit 95%.

But Lake will not go down without a fight.

Her campaign is still fighting to make sure that every legal vote is counted.

More details, including the full statement, below:

This new report comes from Floyd Brown, who works with Kari Lake’s campaign.

According to Floyd:

Spent hours last night working with Lake team on a continuing war for Arizona. She will not go quietly into the night. She intends to stand and fight. She knew when she entered this race that it would be tough. Her opponents lack her courage. She is fighting for us.

Floyd’s statement was confirmed by the Western Journal:

Arizona found itself at the center of national attention on Election Day thanks to a number of controversies.

Specifically, state election officials were criticized for what appeared to be widespread mismanagement of election processes in Maricopa County. According to election officials, 20 percent of voting locations in the county had malfunctioning vote tabulators.


These same-day votes were expected to lean Republican. Red State’s Arizona-based journalist Cameron Arcand said several experts indicated as much.

The governor’s race between Republican firebrand Kari Lake and the not-quite-so-energetic Democrat Katie Hobbs — the current secretary of state responsible for running Arizona elections — was a tight one. On Monday, The Associated Press called the race for Hobbs, who holds a roughly 20,000-vote advantage over Lake.

Despite this, an inside source tells The Western Journal that Lake will not be conceding. The Western Journal founder Floyd Brown also suggested as much in a tweet.

This is exactly why Kari Lake has won the hearts of voters all across the nation.

She is for America First and has the same fighting spirit that made President Trump an icon.

It is unclear exactly what the Lake campaign is planning to do.

But we do know for certain that they’ve been working around the clock ever since last Tuesday’s elections.

We expect the campaign to make a statement prior to their next move.

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Lake refuses to concede to Hobbs:

Kari Lake, the Republican who lost a tight race to be Arizona’s governor, hasn’t conceded the contest, more than 14 hours after the Associated Press and TV outlets said Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs won.

Ms. Lake, a former television anchor, tweeted Monday night: “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” Representatives for Ms. Lake didn’t respond to requests for comment on her plans.

The Republican was one of the most prominent allies of former president Donald Trump running in the midterms and made his false claims of election fraud in the 2020 election a key part of her campaign. Ahead of the election, she had only pledged to accept the results if she won.

With 98% of the vote counted, Ms. Hobbs had 50.4% to 49.6% for Ms. Lake.

Ms. Lake was one of four statewide Republican candidates in Arizona who ran with Mr. Trump’s endorsement and a platform that included his claims the 2020 election was stolen.

Two of the other candidates — Blake Masters, a venture capitalist who lost to Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, and state Rep. Mark Finchem, who lost his race for secretary of state — also haven’t conceded. Both of their races were called Friday.

“Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that line.

If Lake were a Democrat, you know that the media would be making that statement iconic.

But instead, they’re ignoring it.

What do you think?

Should Lake concede?

Let us know in the comments below.

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