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Kari Lake Has A Plan Ready To Go After Arizona Commits The Final Act Of Treason

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All hope isn’t lost yet in Arizona…

In Steve Bannon’s latest airing of War Room, he had none other than freedom fighter Kari Lake on the show.

While being interviewed by Bannon, Kari Lake blasted Maricopa County election officials for contemplating certifying Arizona’s gubernatorial race for Katie Hobbs. (The interview took place just a few hours before Arizona election officials certified the election for Katie Hobbs.)

Lake would then say she has a lawsuit ready to go.

She stated she hasn’t filed the lawsuit yet because the election must be certified first before legal action can take place according to Arizona state law.

You can watch the full interview here:

Kari Lake expects her lawsuit to reach the heights of The Supreme Court.

She will be on Tucker tonight.

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