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Judge Rules No Orders of ‘Satan Shoes’ to Be Filled

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Lil Nas X, the rapper behind the annoyingly popular 2019 single “Old Town Road,” received bad news Wednesday when a New York judge handed Nike a win to halt sales of his so-called “Satan Shoes.”

The rapper, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, shocked fans this month when he openly embraced Satanism and announced a collaboration with streetwear brand MSCHF to make 666 pairs of customized $1,018 Nike Air Max ’97 shoes, which each contain a drop of human blood.

To objective observers, it looked like the 21-year-old openly gay rapper was attempting to grab attention after thus far failing to follow up on the success of his 2019 smash hit — a collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus.

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We don’t know what’s in the heart of the young man, but we do know that his “Satan Shoes” seemed to embrace the eternal sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. That will be between Hill and God, and hopefully, he opens his heart at some point.

Hill’s “Satan Shoes,” though, sold out in just one minute the day after Palm Sunday. According to CBS News, fans won’t be wearing them around any time soon — if ever. Hill and MSCHF are now in a battle with Nike and its expansive legal war chest.

“Nike filed a trademark infringement and dilution complaint against MSCHF today related to the Satan Shoes,” Nike told CBS in a statement.

“We don’t have any further details to share on pending legal matters. However, we can tell you we do not have a relationship with Lil Nas X or MSCHF.”

Nike added, “The Satan Shoes were produced without Nike’s approval or authorization, and Nike is in no way connected with this project.”

You’ve got to really be a bad guy in this scenario to make Nike look like the victim. Hill and MSCHF are just that.

Hill posted a series of images online this week showing himself proudly displaying the “Satan Shoes,” which contain the apparently carefully selected Bible verse, Luke 10:18.

Luke 10:18 in the New International Version reads, “He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.’”

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As The Western Journal’s C. Douglas Golden rightly pointed out this week, Hill likely thought he was being sly by cherrypicking the verse, which impressional youths — Hill’s audience — might think is cool.

The full context of Luke 10: Satan loses — which Christians are aware of.

But Hill is promoting a new single in which he champions his own sins. The pre-chorus of that single, which is called “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” goes: “Cocaine and drinkin’ with your friends — You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend — I’m not fazed, only here to sin — If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can.”

Did this judge make the right decision?

Hill is free to express himself, but this is a cautionary tale about what we expose our children to. There aren’t many kids walking around right now who don’t know every lyric to “Old Town Road.”

“Call Me By Your Name” isn’t as catchy, thank God. I watched the perverse video and listened, so you wouldn’t have to.

In the video, the rapper descends from heaven and into the bowels of hell on a stripper pole in order to give the devil himself a lap dance. It was bad and disturbing — and has tens of millions of views.

How many of Lil Nas X’s 12 million YouTube subscribers are kids? It’s a terrifying thought.

Hill faces a tough battle to recapture his 2019 popularity with the new song and disturbing video. Nike, which is actually a victim in this Satanist nightmare, isn’t going to help him promote it, either.

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