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Joe Biden’s First Speech To Congress Will Be Delivered To Mostly Empty Seats

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Joe Biden skipped the traditional state of the union address in February and will instead deliver a speech to Congress next week on April 28th.

Due to COVID, the room will be mostly empty.

Some people are wondering why he is even bothering.

Hot Air reports:

Joe Biden will address a bunch of empty seats during his first speech to Congress

It is appropriate, really, that our empty suit of a president will deliver his first speech to Congress to a mostly empty chamber. Joe Biden will look out to a sea of empty seats, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It makes one ponder – why is he even going through with the exercise?

Biden will speak to an in-person audience of only about 200 people. Traditionally, a joint address to Congress is delivered by a president in the first year of his term, at the invitation of the Speaker of the House. Next year, he will deliver a State of the Union address. Though a speech is not required, one has been delivered in person since Woodrow Wilson’s presidency in 1913…

This year, because of the pandemic, a big show is being made of the fact that Biden and Pelosi will abide by mitigation mandates. The president will speak to a limited amount of people in person. Normally, the room is packed with members of Congress, members of the Supreme Court, cabinet members, and staffers.

Guests are invited by the president, the first lady, and members of Congress. The room is crowded. The House chamber can accommodate about 1,100 people. Additional capacity can be expanded with temporary seats and standing room. So, with only 200 people there – by invitation only – the room may as well be empty.

None of this matters, of course.

We already know that the media will praise Biden’s speech no matter what he says or how it is delivered.

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