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Joe Biden: “I Like Babies Better Than People” (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Thursday hosted an anniversary event for Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” in the East Room of the White House.

The “Affordable Care Act” sent healthcare costs through the roof while care and accessibility declined.

Healthcare is hardly “affordable” these days thanks to Obama’s ACA mandate.

The Supreme Court upheld Obama’s ACA three times.

Biden trashed “MAGA Republicans” for opposing the “Affordable Care Act” during his remarks.

“The Affordable Care Act has been law for 13 years. It has developed deep roots in this country,” Biden said.

“We always talk about the cost, but it saved lives as well. Obviously that doesn’t mean much to our Republican friends,” Biden added.

A crying baby interrupted Biden’s speech.

Pro-abortion Joe Biden paused and said, “That’s alright! We like babies. You don’t have to worry about it. It’s okay! Matter of fact, I like babies better than people!”


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