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Joe Biden Caught In a Huge Lie

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Are even some Journalists starting to get a backbone?

I couldn’t believe it but after a press conference yesterday, the media continued shouting questions at Joe and he took the bait.

I image Nancy “No We Don’t Want Him To Talk” Piglosi was furious at Joe.

But then again, they knew they were getting someone whose brain was failing and who never had much self control to begin with.

So watch this….it’s actually two clips put together and I want you to see the second one.

The reporter asks Joe whether he said if you got the vaccine then you didn’t have to wear a mask (which he is now backtracking on).

Watch is Bidan says “no, I never said that!”

Sorry Joe, we have the footage!

You better just put that big, nasty pointer finger down or point it right back at your own demented face because we have the EXACT footage where you said it word for word!

Watch it here on Rumble:

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