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Joan Rivers Is Trending On Twitter…

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Woke up this morning to see Joan Rivers is trending on Twitter…

So of course I had to check out why.

And it seems to be because thousands of people are waking up and getting red-pilled in real time.

Check this out:

We’ve been covering this story since the time she died.

Here’s what we’ve told you in the past:

FLASHBACK: Do You Remember What Joan Rivers Said About The Obamas Right Before She Dropped Dead?

Welcome to another edition of “I saved this video before Facebook, YouTube and Twitter could delete it forever!”

That’s right.

They want this absolutely wiped off the internet, but I saved it.

And it’s now safe on Rumble where it can’t be taken down.

Do you remember what Joan Rivers said right before she suddenly dropped dead?

What she said about OBAMA?

I do.

Take a look:


This is one of the most BANNED videos of all time! I’m just placing it here for safe keeping.

— President-Elect BeachMilk BeachMilk Tuesday, October 20, 2020

And backed up to Rumble:

And then she dropped dead days later?

When she was perfectly healthy?

But look folks, she isn’t the only one who thought this.

It’s actually pretty common knowledge.

Take a look:

In other words:

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