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Israeli Commando Unit Sends Camera-Equipped Missiles Screaming Toward Hamas Positions, Uploads the Epic Footage for All to See

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As the conflict in the Holy Land escalates, Israel has rolled out new footage of an impressive weapon system laying waste to Hamas fighters and any building they may be hiding in.

These clips weren’t taken from a safe position behind Israeli lines, but from cameras attached to projectiles sent screaming toward terrorists.

The video was posted by the Israeli Defense Force on Wednesday and showed the punishing accuracy with which these guided munitions can hit a target.

The post comes after nearly a week of constant rocket swam attacks from Hamas, most of them fired into residential areas housing men, women and children.

While at least seven Israelis have died from the powerful rockets, the country’s Iron Dome system has kept much of the population safe from harm.


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This impressive defense system was captured in jaw-dropping footage earlier this week.

Of course, Hamas can’t just expect to fire so many rockets and not receive anything in return. Thankfully, now we’re getting a better look at Israel’s brutally effective offensive capabilities.

“Attached is documentation from the moment the terrorist infrastructure and special weapons of Hamas were attacked by the [Maglan] unit,” the IDF’s post written in the Hebrew language reads.

Should Israel continue to upload this footage?

The Maglan (a Hebrew word for the ibis bird) unit is a special operations force tasked with difficult missions and outfitted with the latest weaponry.

According to the IDF, the unit’s mission is to “operate deep in enemy territory while focusing on attacking and destroying specific targets and gathering accurate intelligence.”

“The unit also has an advanced weapons development division,” the force continued on its website, “whose mission is to find creative solutions and technological innovations in accordance with the operational needs and the classified activities of the unit.”

It’s unclear which weapon system seen in the video is, but it seems guidable by the commando who fired it.


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In one part of the video, it even appears that an operator noticed a Hamas fighter at the last second and steered the missile just ever so slightly to unleash a devastating impact right on target.

It’s clear that Israel is operating on another level than Hamas and its crude rocketry.

Despite the country’s impressive arsenal, all strikes are precisely targeted. There’s little doubt that if the IDF wanted, it could level the Gaza strip. Care for civilian life, a concept seemingly foreign to Hamas, keeps the military response measured and direct.

As the conflict escalates, Israel is sure to unveil even more advanced weaponry to counter Hamas’ aggression while keeping civilians out of danger.

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