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Is Michael Rappaport Slowly Being Red-Pilled?

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Last night I brought you a video of Michael Rappaport very high on his own supply, high up on his horse lecturing the “great unwashed”…..the unvaxxed.

Oh he was sanctimonious and very angry.

Here was that video:

Watch it here on Rumble:


A different tune.

Today you can almost see the confusion and betrayal in his eyes and he is slowly starting to realize that perhaps…..just perhaps……CNN and Dr. Fraudci and all the rest have been lying to him.

Wait until he finds out that not only have they been lying but wait till he finds out the vaxx is actually BAD for you and your health.

Imagine how angry he will be then!

Even the most hardcore lefties are pretty soon going to realize they’ve been lied too very badly. And very deadly. Many will wake up. Are we starting to see it happen before our very eyes?

Watch this new video right here on Rumble and see what you think:

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