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Inspector Says Colonial Pipeline is 100% Manufactured Crisis

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A Colonial Pipeline inspector called into The Alex Jones Show and discussed how this is a 100% manufactured collapse. 

The caller has worked in the oil & gas industry and energy industry for fifteen years. 

Apparently, he surveyed the Colonial Pipeline and says if they really wanted it going they could open the pipeline up without electrical instruments.

Essentially, workers can be ordered to open the pipeline manually.

Which begs the question, why haven’t they done that?

You have to watch the video for yourself because I can’t do the caller justice.

Watch the full interview below on BitChute:

Is this a deliberate killing of our pipelines? 

The Biden administration is blaming ransomware attacks for the Colonial Pipeline shutdown and even announced a ransomware task force today.

Fox News has more on this ransomware task force:

The Biden administration on Thursday said it planned to launch a task force aimed at cracking down on hackers responsible for ransomware attacks after it was reported that Colonial Pipeline paid millions of dollars to free up its systems from cybercriminals.

“Our Justice Department has launched a new task force dedicated to prosecuting ransomware hackers to the full extent of the law,” Biden said in remarks on Thursday.

The president also noted that the government was going to pursue efforts that would interfere with the ability of ransomware networks to operate.

Those actions come one day after the president signed an executive order to improve the nation’s cybersecurity, calling for collaboration between the public and private sectors to strengthen practices, roll out technologies and increase resilience.

Bloomberg News first reported on Thursday that Colonial had paid $5 million in ransom to the hackers who targeted their infrastructure, belonging to a criminal enterprise known as DarkSide.

Biden declined to comment on that report on Thursday.

Why did Colonial Pipeline pay $5 million in ransom to hackers? And why did Biden initially decline to comment?

One theory is perhaps the data from the breach implicates Democrats in a negative way, explaining why the ransom was paid.

Or is this truly a sinister move from Biden to shut down our pipelines?

Fox News talks about the Russia-based group called DarkSide who is apparently involved:

Alpharetta, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline and the U.S. government have both blamed ransomware for the massive outage, pointing the finger at cybercriminal gangs who routinely hold data and computer networks hostage in exchange for digital currency payments.

There is no official word on which group is believed to have carried out the intrusion – and attributing malicious activity online can be extremely difficult – but a former U.S. official and three industry sources told Reuters a group dubbed “DarkSide” was among the suspects. If so, that would lay the responsibility on a new but professional group of criminals believed to be operating out of the former Soviet republics.

Cybersecurity FireEye is involved with the incident response, according to three industry sources.

Ransomware can deal catastrophic damage to an organization’s network by locking away critical data or even wrecking computers beyond repair. But the effect on the actual nuts and bolts of energy companies’ operations varies.

In case you missed it, Biden had another message about the Colonial Pipeline for us too- that we won’t feel the effects at the pumps. 

He really needs to get out of his basement more often!

Check out Biden’s statement from ABC News below:


It sure seems like the tentacles of this crisis are running through the US, despite what Biden has to say.

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