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INDIA Is The Reason The CDC Is Telling Unvaccinated People In The U.S. To Mask Up…..

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India is the reason YOU’RE being told to mask up!

If that sounds absolutely ludicrous to you, that’s because it is, but it’s also true, let me explain to you how we have found ourselves here.

CDC officials in The U.S. reportedly decided to update their mask guidelines based off of only ONE study out of India.

Yup, you read that correctly. Just one study.

To me, The CDC has lost what little credibility it had with this one. What happened to peer review? What happened to trusting the ‘science’?

Going off of ONE study from a FOREIGN country is less than lazy, it’s complete negligence on their part, and Rep. Dan Crenshaw didn’t hold back in letting them know:

This neglect in gathering the facts was highlighted in Western Journal:

The decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend masks for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 was seemingly made using a single study from India, which did not include data from vaccines approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration.

The establishment media gleefully reported this week that the CDC had reversed course and advised vaccinated people to wear masks indoors in areas with high COVID-19 transmission rates.

This CDC’s constant flip flopping on mask policy was explained away by an apologist CNN: 

The CDC’s decision to change its mask guidance this week was prompted by scientists’ determination — only days old — that vaccinated people with breakthrough Delta coronavirus variant infections can pass the virus to others, the center’s director said Wednesday.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky said such breakthrough infections are rare, and stressed that Covid-19 vaccines generally prevent hospitalizations and deaths even if vaccinated people are infected.

But “with prior variants, when (vaccinated) people had these rare breakthrough infections, we didn’t see the capacity of them to spread the virus to others,” Walensky, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director, told CNN’s “New Day.”

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