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Hypocrite! Biden Demands Negative Test from China Travelers When He Claimed Trump’s Response Was “Nakedly Xenophobic”

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If only we had a free and fair press in this country!

Remember when President Trump brilliantly banned travelers from China?

This made sense to anyone with common sense.


Because the virus originated from China. He wasn’t just banning Chinese people. He was banning anyone who traveled there and therefore could have been exposed to COVID.

Yet the media called him racist.

They called him xenophobic.

In fact, Joe Biden himself called President Trump’s actions “nakedly xenophobic.”

Well… Joe Biden has proven that he is a hypocrite!


He is requiring negative COVID tests from travelers coming from China!

By his own logic, isn’t this xenophobic?

Why is he “targeting” travelers from China?

We all know the truth… but Biden is allowed to get away with this hypocrisy.

More details below:

This is proof that Democrats will control the narrative however they need to in order to “win.”

They are dishonest.

This doesn’t just hurt Republicans.

This hurts all Americans!

Breitbart has more details:

Joe Biden will now require travelers from China to show a negative coronavirus test to enter the United States after claiming in 2020 former President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response was “fanning the flames” of “hate, fear and xenophobia” against Asian Americans during the pandemic.

Beginning January 5, travelers from China by air will have to provide a negative Covid-19 test to enter the nation “within two days of their departure from airports in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau,” Politico reported.

In January 2020, the Trump administration placed travel restrictions on passages arriving from China, where many experts believe coronavirus originated.

Biden called many of those restrictions racist in May 2020, claiming they were “denials, delays and distractions, many of which were nakedly xenophobic.”

“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hate, fear and xenophobia that he always flames … that have always existed in this society,” Biden said.

“But this president brought it with him, has brought with it a new rash of racial messages, verbal and physical attacks and other acts of hate, some subtle, some overt, against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders.”

If the media was fair, they would criticize Biden for these actions.

After all, they brutally criticized President Trump.

But I wouldn’t count on fair coverage from the media, if I were you…

This announcement comes courtesy of the CDC.

Imagine if President Trump were doing this today.

We all know that the media would be lambasting him and calling him all sorts of nasty names!

Yet, Joe Biden appears to be getting a pass from the mainstream media.

NBC Los Angeles confirms the announcement from the CDC:

The U.S. announced new COVID-19 testing requirements Wednesday for all travelers from China, joining other nations imposing restrictions because of a surge of infections.

The increase in cases across China follows the rollback of the nation’s strict anti-virus controls. China’s “zero COVID” policies had kept China’s infection rate low but fueled public frustration and crushed economic growth.

In a statement explaining the restrictions, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited the surge in infections and what it said was a lack of adequate and transparent information from China, including genomic sequencing on the viral strains circulating in the country.

“These data are critical to monitor the case surge effectively and decrease the chance for entry of a novel variant of concern,” the CDC said.

Some scientists are concerned the COVID-19 surge in China could unleash a new coronavirus variant on the world that may or may not be similar to the ones circulating now. That’s because every infection is another chance for the virus to mutate.

Folks, if the media isn’t going to do their job, then it’s up to us.

If one standard is applied to one president, then shouldn’t it be applied to another?

Help us counter leftist narratives by sharing this article with your family and friends!

They won’t be hearing about this Biden hypocrisy from the mainstream media!

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