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HyperInflation is Coming and You Have A Very Limited Amount of Time To Prepare

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Yes, this is the SECOND article I’ve written today sounding the alarm about hyperinflation.

I don’t create the news, I just report on it.

And when there’s something really big and really bad coming, I have to sound the alarm as loudly as I can.

Greg Hunter is a tremendous journalist and he does excellent work over at USA Watchdog.

He used to be on YouTube but now he’s over on Rumble.

Whenever I see something new from him, I know I can take it to the bank because he only has on the top tier of guests.

Today he interviewed John Williams about hyperinflation and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family….in a very limited time.

Watch it here on Rumble:

As I said, this is not the only article I’ve written today warning about the coming hyperinflation and how it is going to wipe a lot of people out.

The people who think they are doing the RIGHT thing.

The people who are savers…..

The people with money in a bank account….

A freight train is coming to wipe that out.

It’s not just my opinion and it’s not just John Williams.

Here is Rafi Farber who has a major track record on this kind of stuff.

Check out what he is saying:

From Wall Street Silver:

Rafi Farber joins us to discuss the coming hyperinflation and how to protect yourself. Rafi Farber is an investor, author (The End Game Investor), and proponent of the Austrian Business Cycle. His investing approach includes gold, silver and sound money.

Top comments:

Here’s more, a Storm Is Brewing….

My friend Bo Polny thinks even $600/oz silver is going to be on the low end of what’s coming.

Holy cow!

And this guy is also sounding the alarm.

He says a storm is coming and silver is the life raft.

Please watch, here on Rumble:

Top comments:

Backup here on YouTube:

And one more:

Here is a Former JP Morgan exec who is also sounding the alarm….

He says “buy silver now!”

Jump forward about 3 minutes in this video and watch right here:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

My friends over at DISME still have some silver Trump coins left, although even they have many sold out and no longer available.

See the full selection here.

These are some of their latest (if they’re still in stock):

The MAGA Lion:

General Flynn – Real American Hero, very nice:

And the classic Make America Great Again hat!

More resources for silver here:  Getting Started With Silver.

Not telling you what to do because I’m not a financial advisor, but as for me and my house, we are stacking silver.

Physical silver.

Coins and bars.

In my physical possession in my safe.

How about you?

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