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Hunter Biden Took Trip to Moscow to Meet with Russian Oligarch Who’s Sanctioned by UK But Not US

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Hunter Biden had business dealings with a Russian oligarch while his father was Vice President.   This newly released information from Hunter’s laptop showed this conflicted relationship. 

Reports online show that Hunter Biden was involved with a Russian oligarch while his father was Obama’s Vice President.

Hunter Biden flew to Moscow for a meeting with a now-sanctioned Russian oligarch with reportedly short ties to Vladimir Putin, records show.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, 73, owns a firm that reportedly supplied Putin’s forces with drones fitted for deadly bombing raids in Ukraine and owned key Russian defense contractor RTI.

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Yevtushenkov was added to the UK and Australian sanctions list this month but is one of a handful of oligarchs unsanctioned by the Biden administration.

Hunter’s a couple of meetings and apparent industry deals emerged from his abandoned computer.

Emails show Hunter was involved with the oligarch in 2012 and 2013.

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