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Hunter Biden Admits Laptop At Center Of Scandal Might Be His

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This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion

Hunter Biden admitted during a CBS News interview that aired in part on Friday morning that the laptop at the center of a scandal could be his before promoting a debunked conspiracy theory that Russian intelligence could be behind it.

Hunter Biden had the following exchange with CBS News:

CBS NEWS: Was that your laptop?

HUNTER BIDEN: For real, I don’t know.

CBS NEWS: I know. But you know that’s-

HUNTER BIDEN: I really don’t know.

CBS NEWS: Okay, you don’t know, yes or now, if the laptop was yours.

HUNTER BIDEN: I don’t have any idea. I have no idea whether–

CBS NEWS: So, could have been yours?

HUNTER BIDEN: Of course, certainly. There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that was the– that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.


However, when the story broke last year, the then-Director of National Intelligence stated unequivocally, “Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign and I think it’s clear the American people know that.”

The next day, a senior federal law enforcement official confirmed to Fox News that the FBI and DOJ agreed with ODNI and did not believe that the emails were part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Hunter Biden has a new memoir being published, you know because of all of the accomplishments in his life, and in it, he makes some stunning admissions.

In the book, “Beautiful Things,” Biden, the son of Joe Biden, admits to drug and alcohol abuse, but when it comes to his job on the board of a Ukrainian gas company he gets furious.

In a summary and excerpts published, he said he would not take a seat on the company’s board if he could do it all over again, but not because he thinks he did anything wrong.

Hunter Biden said he does not take any blame for anything he did and that he was dragged into a political war.

The 51-year-old said that Donald Trump and the Republicans who attacked him for the job were using him as a weapon against his dad.

“What I do believe, in this current climate, is that it wouldn’t matter what I did or didn’t do,” he said. “The attacks weren’t intended for me. They were meant to wound my dad.”

But Hunter Biden is no stranger to controversy and was exposed last week in another scandal involving a gun.

Hunter’s handgun disappeared in 2018 after his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, who later became his lover, got rid of the gun in a trash bin.

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