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HUGE! Tennessee Will Require Watermarks On Absentee Ballots

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A big win for election integrity. 

The Tennesse Legislature approved a bill that would require watermarks to be placed on absentee ballots.

The Senate passed the bill 27-0.

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The House passed the bill 92-1.

Only one member of the legislature voted against the bill.

The Epoch Times reported:

Tennessee’s Legislature approved a bill that requires the addition of a watermark on all absentee ballots in a nearly unanimous vote.

Senate Bill 1314 passed the Senate in a 27-0 vote on Monday, and the House adopted the state Senate version of the bill on Tuesday in a 92-1 vote.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) is expected to sign the bill into law.

The Tennessee Star has more: 

Under the Tennessee Election Integrity Act, each county election commission must have their watermark approved by the state coordinator of elections. None of the publicly-available sample ballots will have the watermark. Additionally, signature verification of the voter on absentee ballots will no longer be considered the final verification necessary before counting the ballots – the approved watermark will be. If an absentee ballot is rejected, the official must write “rejected” across its face and include the reason for rejection.

Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona have also passed bills to strengthen the integrity of US elections.

Where are the rest of the states? 

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