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Hitler-Jugend? Children on Quebec French-Language Talk Show Push Disgusting Propaganda Against Unvaccinated (VIDEO)

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The level of propaganda to push the experimental COVID-19 jabs in Quebec, Canada is off the charts.

And the minds of innocent children are being warped to turn the province into a dystopian wasteland of medical authoritarianism.

On January 18th, 2022, a sequence that aired on the Quebec French-language TV show โ€œLa semaine des 4 Julieโ€ discussed the COVID-19 jabs with young children.

Watch the clip from the Noovo television network talk show:

The children parrot propaganda spoon-fed to them by tyrants wishing to force other Canadians into taking unwanted medical experiments.ย 

When asked how to treat their unvaccinated neighbors, the young boy unabashedly says to call the police on them for refusing the injection.

The young girl voices her support for the current actions by theย Quebec government. She wants everything taken from unvaccinated citizens until they submit to the experimental injection.ย 

One of the panelists boasts that sheโ€™s a future politician.ย 

Thatโ€™s a scary thought to see brainwashed children like these grow up to become politicians.ย 

The two children resemble mini-Hitlers and spew hateful rhetoric aimed at Canadians who desire medical freedom.ย 

Shame on whoever is raising these kids as future tyrants, and shame on the talk show for using children to push their propaganda.ย 

Twitter reacted to the horrifying comments from the children:

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