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Hillary Clinton Says Republicans Are ‘Shameless’ And Are ‘Gun Worshippers’

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This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is jumping back into the political fray this week.

During an episode on a podcast, Clinton went after Republicans by saying they are “gun worshipers” who are “shameless” because of their “huge advantage” due to the filibuster.

“You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears,” Clinton said.

“The opportunists on the other side, like Cruz and his ilk, they know better and they are in the position of trying to keep people really riled up and scared that sensible gun legislation like we had in the ‘90s for 10 years will somehow undermine their rights,” she added.

“Well, what about the rights of all the rest of us? The rights of us to go to work, go shopping, go on dates to the movie theater, go to school, for heaven’s sake — what about the rest of us?” Clinton questioned.


This comes weeks after Clinton claimed Republicans have a cult-like allegiance to President Donald Trump.

“They’ve done a calculation. They’ve concluded Trump is the puppet master who pulls the strings of the hardcore base of the Republican Party,” the two-time failed presidential candidate said in a Washington Post Live interview.

“They’re just throwing the towel in,” she said.

Clinton added that she hopes the GOP will “find its soul, will find its center again and understand they can’t keep playing with fire,” adding that she feels the party is a “cult” in its current state.

“It is really troubling to see the Republican Party turn themselves into a cult and basically pledge allegiance not to the United States of America but to Donald Trump,” she said.

Clinton also unsurprisingly bashed Trump in this interview, saying that after the 2016 election, she hoped Trump would “once in office, understand the enormity of the job, have some of that sense of humility that presidents need to have when they’re in the Oval Office.”

However, she went on to say that “he never grew into the job. He never accepted the awesome responsibility that goes with being president.”

It is evident throughout her life that she loves criminals, not patriots. After all, she called patriots “a basket of deplorables.”

What she says about anything in the Constitution must be taken with the view that she hates free-thinking Americans.

It also seems clear that Trump continues to live rent-free in Clinton’s head.


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