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Hilarious Video Mocking Maskholes

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Sometimes you just have to take a break and laugh!

Laughter often truly is the best medicine.

A civil war is brewing in this country between the Maskholes & the Vax-pushers on one side and the Oxygen-breathers and Non-modified Humans on the other side.

That’s actually a very serious issue and it’s going to get ugly, but if we can’t at least laugh at these Maskholes, then what are we doing?

What’s a Maskhole, you ask?


These are the people now who are “fully vaccinated” (for whatever that’s worth) AND they are still choosing to wear a mask themselves, if not 2 or 3 of them…..

But that’s not enough.

They want YOU to get the Jab and they still want YOU to wear a mask.

You know any people like this?

Sadly, I know a lot.

It’s really surprising and disturbing to me how quickly half a nation has been brainwashed by this planned-demic.

For everyone who always asks “How did Hitler get away with murdering millions?”  we now have our answer.  Half the population bought into the brainwashing and went right along with him!

We are seeing things replay before our very eyes.

As I said, that’s a serious topic but for right now let’s just enjoy this absolutely hilarious parody video one great Deplorable put together.

Just try not to laugh, I dare you!

Watch here on Rumble:

People are loving it just as much as I did.

Here are the top comments so far:

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