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Here’s EVERY “F*** Joe Biden” Chant from This Weekend

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Over the last three weekends, “F*** Joe Biden” chants have been spreading across football stadiums.

It hasn’t been one sports team.

Or one state.

Rather, this has happened in multiple states.

At first, several hundred people were chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

But now, the chants have grown to their most intense yet.

Footage from the University of Kentucky appears to show the entire stadium chanting.

To put this into perspective, the University of Kentucky stadium seats 61,000 fans.


Watch the video below.

It’s clear that this is a stadium-wide chant.

It’s not just football games.

It also happened in Boise, Idaho this week.

Trump supporters “greeted” Biden as he arrived.

There isn’t a Biden supporter in sight.

For someone who supposedly received 81 million votes, it’s strange how there doesn’t seem to be any grassroots support for him, isn’t it?

The Daily Caller is one of the few media outlets reporting on this grassroots phenomenon:

College football fans continued anti-Joe Biden chants during week three of the season.

President Joe Biden has faced the scorn of college football fans ever since the season started, and during multiple Saturday games, “F**k Joe Biden” chants continued to ring out among fans.

As Donald Trump Jr. and I talked about, I don’t think you’re going to see an end to these chants at any point in the near future.

We’re now in week three, and they show absolutely no sign of slowing down.

If anything, they look like they’re increasing. The Kentucky chant in the video above sounded incredibly loud.

When “F**k Joe Biden” is being yelled during major SEC games, you know fans have zero intention of stopping. They’re all in.

Just listen to how loud these chants are getting!

Of course, don’t be surprised if the mainstream media doesn’t cover this phenomenon.

They want to protect Joe Biden.

But one thing is true:

If this were President Trump, they’d be covering it left and right.

They’d be mocking him.

Late night TV hosts would be having a field day.


Since we don’t have Hollywood or the media on our side, it’s up to us to spread the word!

Be sure to spread this article with your family and friends.

Patriots need to know that they’re not alone!

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