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Gov. Newsom Has Competitor BANNED From Instagram

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Hi folks,

Noah here with an alert everyone needs to see.

No I don’t live in California…

I live in the Heartland, the Midwest.

But what’s happening in California affects the nation and it’s time we take back all the blue states from all these tyrannical governors!

It’s also time we stop the unconstitutional censorship by Big Tech.

I say that with personal experience as I have been BANNED on Facebook for over a year now.

That’s right, permanently BANNED.

Not just a Page or a Group.

No, they permanently banned ME personally!

I cannot even log onto Facebook because apparently I am so dangerous with my reporting of the TRUTH that Zuckerberg determined I cannot even have an account.

And Zuck just struck again, this time banning a competitor of Gov. Newsom’s from having an Instagram account.

Meet Kevin.

Actually meet “Meet Kevin”….

“Meet Kevin” is the name of a very popular YouTube channel (1.62 million subscribers) ran by Kevin Paffrath, where he talks real estate, finance, stock market, crypto and a whole lot of other things.

It’s a channel I personally enjoy watching.

Kevin lives in California and has seen the destruction caused by Gov. Newsom firsthand and he decided to use his popularity and business-sense to do something about it.

A few weeks ago he announced he’s running for Governor to replace Gov. Newsom.

He immediately had my full support, even though I can’t vote in the election.

But I can write about it and give him some additional publicity.

So here you go Kevin, from a fan and a supporter (and a fellow Zuckerberg deletee), we here at WeLoveTrump have got your back and we support your campaign to unseat the horrible Gov. Newsom and Make California Great Again!

Make California RED Again!

Time to bring back common sense business principles and get rid of the liberal trash that has destroyed your state.

Keep up the good work!

Now please watch this latest video where he explains how Gov. Newsom got him DELETED online:

And here’s one more.

I thought this one was excellent…..

Watch and see how many common sense ideas he throws out there in just a few minutes:

Got my support my man!

Also, have you considered changing “Paffrath” to something else…..Trump has a nice ring to it!  You could become an adopted member of the family!

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