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Georgia Judge Will Start Decertifying Election if It Is Determined Ballots were Counted Twice!

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We have major breaking news out of Georgia!

I keep telling you that Arizona is going to be the first domino to fall, and it will unless Georgia beats them to the punch!

Or New Hampshire!

Major breaking news out of Georgia today and credible evidence is emerging that Joe Biden did NOT win the state:

My friends over at Conservative Brief reported the following:

Conservative radio host John Fredericks made waves on Monday morning while speaking about the election audits taking place across the country.

While speaking with Steve Bannon on The War Room podcast, Fredericks spoke specifically about the audit taking place in Georgia.

Fredericks told Bannon that there are now six election witnesses who allege 30,000 Georgia ballots were fake and should not have been counted.

“We now have two state senators, Republicans, Beach and Jones, who are calling for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to be side-by-side with the forensic analysis looking at these 147,000 mail-in ballots,” Fredericks said.

“Were there counterfeit ballots? Six affidavits now, we had four now there’s six, six affidavits of veteran election officials are alleging that up to 30,000 of these 147,000 ballots are fake! Somebody printed them up on a machine and ran them through a vote-counting machine that are not real, that are not attached to anybody,” Fredericks added.

John Fredericks also told The War Room about the 900+ military ballots that were all for Biden.

John Fredericks: 6 Affidavits from GA Election Officials Allege 30,000 of Ballots are Fake
During another point in the show, Fredericks reported today that Judge Amero could decertify the election in Georgia if it is determined that there are ballots that were counted twice.

“If Judge Amero makes a declaratory judgment that counterfeit ballots were there and some of them were counted twice, that’s the possibility here,” he said.

“He’s going to demand that Governor Kemp hold a special session and they are going to start decertifying elections. Trump-Biden, Senate race,” he added.

Watch the clip here on Rumble:

And here’s one more short clip…

From Rumble:

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