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Former AZ Senate Candidate Burns Trump Hat In Huge Meltdown!

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Have you heard of Daniel McCarthy?

You’d be forgiven if you said no.

I hadn’t.

Daniel McCarthy is apparently a former Republican candidate for AZ Senate who’s campaign went very badly.

Now it seems he wants back in the spotlight, so he’s making videos attacking Trump.

Seems like a REALLY poor idea.

But then again this guy hasn’t ever been known for his good decision-making.

Let’s back up a few years to January 2020 when he posted this, trying to ride on Trump’s coattails:

At some point after that, things between McCarthy and Trump soured, and President Trump (who IS known for having very keen insight) BOOTED McCarthy from a Trump Rally before the Rally even started.


McCarthy appears to have been holding a grudge ever since, because he just made a video where he has a huge meltdown over Trump while sitting in his truck.

I’m sure he meant for it to come off like a tough guy, but it just comes off real whiney.

Then he challenges Trump to a debate and then he does a big publicity stunt throwing his MAGA hat outside his truck and hitting it with a flamethrower.

This is when you know your career has hit rock bottom.

Watch the whiney little stunt here on Rumble:

What are your thoughts?

Good Republican or whiney loser?

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