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Firefighters Help Rescue Dog After It Was Discovered at Bottom of Huge Pit

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On Wednesday, a man named Ty McIntyre was checking a property in Cobb County, Georgia, as part of his job when he discovered something unusual.

A huge pit had been dug in the ground, and at the bottom was a dog peering up at him. McIntyre contacted animal control, then snapped a picture and posted it on his Facebook page in the hopes that someone would recognize the dog or help him find the owners.

“I need some help finding lost dogs in the Mableton, Ga area,” McIntyre posted on Wednedsay. “I was walking a job and walked up on this dog in a test hole about 20’ deep.

“He has a collar on, so I imagine someone is missing him. Animal control is on the way to help get him out.”


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With the help of the fire department and animal control, the Siberian Husky — who turned out to be a female — was lifted out of the hole.

One commenter on McIntyre’s post shared a local lost-dog posting from the day before for a Husky named Kira. Her owner wrote that she was “a very sweet dog but gets easily distracted by squirrels.”

In the comments, McIntyre confirmed that the found pup was, indeed, Kira, and that she went home shortly after being rescued.

“Fire dept and animal control got her out,” McIntyre wrote. “The owner contacted me and confirmed her collar. They just left. Thanks for the help!”

Animal control shared photos of the rescue on its Facebook page and publicly recognized McIntyre for his good work.

“Thank you to Mr. Ty McIntyre who found this sweet dog,” Cobb County Animal Services posted. “He was checking a property and found the dog in a hole.


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“Cobb Fire (Station 1) responded and with the help of ACO Huber the dog was freed unharmed. The owner was located shortly after. Great teamwork from all.”

It is unclear how long Kira was stuck in the hole.

Many commenters were curious why such a dangerous hole was  on the property, which reportedly is the site of an upcoming building project. McIntyre responded that the hole was dug to test for rock.

“The area will be graded and developed in the near future,” he reassured the commenters.

It was incredibly fortunate that McIntyre was on the property and was able to get the pup rescued — she could have been stuck there for several more days or never even been found if McIntyre hadn’t stumbled upon her.

Thanks to him, Kira gets to live to chase squirrels another day.

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