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Feeble Joe Biden Spends Another Weekend at Delaware Basement with No Public Events Scheduled

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Feeble Joe Biden is spending another weekend at his Delaware residence with no public events scheduled.

This weekend marks Joe Biden’s 7th overnight stay at his Delaware home since he was sworn into office in January.

The White House discloses very little information about what Joe Biden does or who he speaks to while he is in his Delaware basement.

Joe Biden’s behavior during his public appearances this week caused alarm.

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Earlier this week Joe Biden told reporters he was going to “be in trouble” if he took more questions.

Then Dementia Joe got lost on stage Thursday during a drive-in rally in Duluth, Georgia.

“I’m in trouble” Biden said for the second time this week as he told the crowd he couldn’t find his facemask. The guy had his two vaccine shots but still wears a mask as a prop.

Nurse Jill came on stage and helped him look for the mask in his notebook and on the podium.

Then bumbling Joe found the mask in his pocket.

On Friday, Biden delivered remarks on Amtrak’s 50th anniversary and the American Jobs plan during a visit to Philadelphia where he slurred his words and told bizarre stories.

Biden mustered an accent as he told a story about an Amtrak conductor named Angelo who used to grab his cheeks: “Joey Babbbbyyyyy!”

Joe Biden left Philadelphia and traveled to his Delaware basement Friday because he prefers familiarity due to his dementia.

Joe Biden has full blown dementia yet the media refuses to acknowledge his cognitive decline.

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