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“FBI Was Into DEEP Sexual Perversion…And It’s All Coming Out!”

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Kash Patel continues to make big waves…

He just did an interview with the Epoch Times where he dropped a number of bombshells all in about 40 seconds.

First, he says there is not one but many whistleblowers that have already come forward to expose the FBI.

Then he says the stuff we’ve already seen is bad but nothing like what is about to soon be announced.

Sexual perversion and complicity of really sick degrees that permeated the 7th Floor of the FBI.

In case you don’t know what the 7th Floor is, it’s basically where the deepest, darkest, sickest stuff was ran out of.

President Kennedy once famously said the CIA needed to be shattered into a million pieces.

Turns out we might have to add the FBI to that list as well.

Have these agencies turned into nothing more that criminal, mafia-style organizations, with deep-seeded sick sexual perversions, who have become the clear and present enemy of the American people?

I’ll let you answer that question.

Watch Kash here:

And a backup on Rumble here:

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