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Farmers, Fishermen & Citizens Attempt to Bring Country to Standstill to Protest Globalist Climate Policies (WATCH)

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Massive protests continue on Monday against the World Economic Forum/United Nations climate scam agenda-driven policies in the Netherlands.

Farmers Uprising in The Netherlands? Massive Protests Against Government’s Climate Agenda (WATCH)

Dutch farmers and their supporters are attempting to bring the European country to a standstill while protesting policies that will destroy thousands of farms and livelihoods.

Tractors, trucks, and cars took to the highways to shut down road borders, supermarket distribution centers, and airport routes.

The Netherlands government is reportedly deploying armored vehicles against farmers who plan to blockade the country’s airports, ports and distribution centers on Monday.

Army trucks may also be mobilized.

Fishermen have joined the protests in attempt to block the country’s ports.


Dutch Review reported:

Plans to cut down nitrogen levels in the Netherlands have a long history of bringing Dutch farmers to the streets. Just recently, 20,000 to 30,000 farmers participated in a huge protest that caused widespread traffic disruptions on Dutch highways.

Today, farmers are blocking supermarket distribution centres, airport routes and ferries to raise awareness of the impact of the nitrogen policy on the agricultural sector.

Disrupting food supply

Farmers are blocking food distribution centres of major supermarkets in the Netherlands like Jumbo, Lidl, and Albert Heijn, reports the NOS.

In the case of Lidl, three distribution centres all over the country are currently blocked. Supermarket giant Albert Heijn lets customers know that those who ordered their groceries online will have to wait on their orders due to the protests.

However, this isn’t the only form of disruption the farmers have brought. Farmers blocked ambulances, set fires, and even stormed the Nitrogen and Nature Minister’s home.

Solidarity from fishermen

In support of the farmers protests, fishermen have also come together to block the harbour of Den Helder.

That means that there is currently no ferry available to transport visitors from the Dutch mainland to the popular island Texel, says the NOS. A similar protest is blocking the harbour in Lauwersoog and Ijmuiden.

The Counter Signal is also providing exclusive coverage to share updates of the Dutch uprising:

The World Economic Forum controlled Dutch government announced last week an end to modern farming – putting harsh controls on nitrogen, and spelling the end to thousands of family farms.

In response, Dutch farmers took a page out of the Canadian Freedom Convoy playbook. They took to the highways, blockaded borders, and launched massive protests.

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