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Even Former NSA Heads Think We All Need To Take A Closer Look At Tucker Carlson’s Spying Allegations

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We all know Tucker’s claims are true.

I mean, if I polled the majority of Americans, and asked them who they were going to believe: The NSA, or Tucker Carlson, the vast majority would probably say Tucker Carlson—yes, even liberals.

See, the thing is, when you lie to The American people night and day, they are eventually going to stop trusting your agency.

Even a former NSA head is now saying that these claims really need to be investigated further.

I wonder when the dam will officially break on this one, and crumble the most recent intelligence narrative about spying on Conservatives, and Americans as a whole.

Take a look:

The former NSA official’s comments came courtesy of The Epoch Times:

According to former NSA general counsel Stewart Baker, this report supports the calls for an investigation made by Carlson and others. The report also supports the NSA’s earlier statement that it did not “target” Carlson, Baker said.

“So what about NSA/Carlson should be investigated and perhaps disclosed? The unmasking request, mainly. Motive matters. First, the requester should have given a reason for the unmasking. How plausible was it, given the requester’s position?” Baker said on Twitter.

“The second question about NSA/Carlson unmasking: How was Carlson identified when masked? ‘US Journalist’? ‘US Citizen’? That will help gauge whether the requester really needed to know the identity behind the mask,” Baker continued.

The Federalist asks:

First, who made the unmasking request for Carlson’s name from NSA reporting? And will this person be held accountable for leaking classified information?

Second, does the Biden administration have a policy on requests by senior officials to unmask the names of Americans from intelligence reports? If so, how is this policy being enforced?

The leaking of Carlson’s identity by Biden officials is a serious matter because it appears to confirm the Biden administration’s use of U.S. intelligence agencies to target its political enemies. But there’s an even more serious concern here: spying on journalists and leaking information based on their private communications constitutes a serious threat to the freedom of the press.

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