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European Union Will Roll Out Digital Vaccine Passports on June 15

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As the Biden Administration made their intentions clear to develop a nationwide vaccine passport this past weekend, the EU has a set date for their own vaccine passport.

This past weekend, the “Digital Green Certificate” was introduced to the bloc.

It has approval of all 27 EU member states and is scheduled for release on June 15th.

If Americans want a glimpse of what the Biden Administration wants to do with COVID-19 vaccine passports, then the EU is a good place to look.

EU Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton is the person in charge of making the bloc’s vaccine policy and deciding when travel is allowed.

But one bizarre piece of information Breton relayed is that Europe will likely have “collective immunity capacity” by July 14th.

If herd immunity is reached across the continent by July, then what exactly is the point of a vaccine passport?

It’s more shenanigans by the crowd who shout “science” 24/7.

Life Site News reported:

During the show, Breton said that Europe will have “collective immunity capacity” by July 14, a remarkable prediction given that the vaccine “roll-out” — whatever one’s opinion on the moral acceptability, efficacy, and dangers of the various EU-approved vaccines — is faced with so many obstacles that many member countries cannot seriously hope that all people wanting the jab will have received it by then. Besides, the general message being broadcast by health officials is that vaccination does not necessarily prevent contagion, that it already doesn’t work against some variants of SARS-CoV-2, and that some can take up to two months or longer before offering full protection, according to their own disclosures.

Breton said the vaccination campaign needed to be stepped up and that vaccine imports would be accelerated in the 27 member states to reach 420 doses administrated in three and a half months.

“From the moment when we can be sure that every European who wants to get the jab has equitable access to the vaccine, as will be the case within two or three months, it will be good to have a sanitary certificate that demonstrates your condition,” said Breton.

Either in digital form for smartphones, or printed out, the passport will include a scannable QR code including the bearer’s name, date of birth, and passport number, as well as the date of vaccination, the vaccine’s type (only EU-approved vaccines will be allowed), status regarding a former infection with COVID-19, and the presence or absence of antibodies.

People who have not received the vaccine and who have not had COVID-19 will have their PCR test status on their certificate, said Breton. “If you don’t want a test, you won’t get one,” he added.

The paper draft of the certificate, titled “Proof of vaccination for medical purposes,” includes a line listing “Adm. gender,” and gives a wink to Tolkien by filling in the “country” line with the words “Middle Earth.”

The “medical purposes” quoted on the document are in fact anything but medical. Breton made clear that it would be used to board an aircraft or to cross an internal border within the European Union, but “possibly” also to join “major events” or to enter a “public location.” The EU vaccine certificate could also be supplemented with national certificates allowing entry to restaurants and other places open to the public.

The European Commissioner was quick to state that the document will not be compulsory.

A recent survey by France’s official “Economic, social and environmental Council” (CESE), a constitutional advisory board for the executive and legislative powers, has shown that almost 75 percent of more than 110,000 respondents are opposed to a vaccine certificate — 67 percent even said they are “strongly opposed.” So it is not surprising that Breton should have made this clear from the start of his radio interview.

But the alternative is ongoing control and restrictions. In the absence of a sanitary passport, according to Breton, citizens will be required to submit to existing restrictions: He recalled that most European countries ask for a recent negative COVID-19 test, while some impose a 10-day quarantine to all people arriving within their borders. If “collective immunity” has been attained in Europe, as the commissioner promised it would by July 14, what would be the use not only of such restrictions, but also of the passport?

Breton responded to the objection that the vaccine certificate will set up a “mandatory vaccine in disguise” by saying, “Those who do not want to get a certificate will be able to continue to benefit from the openings that will be offered. If they are required to have a sanitary status to enter, they will have the opportunity to submit to faster tests.”

He added that a European Commission document regarding the vaccine certificate does state that people who do not have such a document “are more likely to be subject to measures such as quarantine by member states, if that is justified by public health considerations.”

Hopefully, our freedom-loving friends in Europe show fierce resistance to this madness.

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