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#EmmysSoWhite — Whites Win All 12 Lead and Supporting Emmy Awards

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If you want to know where institutional racism still exists, look no further than left-wing Hollywood, where white people scored a perfect 12-out-of-12 for the top 12 Emmy Awards.

Some lunatic at the far-left Hollywood Reporter put it this way: “Although performers from the global majority comprised 44 percent of acting nominees, they were shut out at the 73rd Primetime Emmys.”

The global majority?

Is that some sort of new woketard talking point?

Gee, I wonder what percentage from the “global majority” win awards in the left’s precious China or Sweden or Cuba?

But if you excuse the woketardery, the math is still astonishing. Non-white performers made up 44 percent of those 12 nominations and not a single one of them won.

How is that even possible?

Do you know what the odds are of that happening?

But left-wing Hollywood is racist, has always been racist, and will never stop being racist.

Watch below: 

Watch below: 

Look at how the industry is treating racial minorities right now, right this very second…

Instead of giving non-white actors and directors the opportunity to create timeless art that will broaden their appeal and make for a long career, that will allow them to participate in something that lasts forever, all these great actors and actresses are being herded into left-wing propaganda, are being used as cannon fodder in garbage no one likes that has an immediate expiration date.

None of these actors or actresses are going to walk out of the woketard era with a long career. Why? Because Hollywood is literally destroying them, is ensuring they all come off as unappealing as possible in its worketard propaganda. Instead of another Halle Berry or Sidney Poitier, instead of another Will Smith or Tina Turner, instead of introducing them to us in universally appealing roles and in universally appealing art, Hollywood is firing them out of woke cannons at brick walls, is killing their careers in the crib by presenting them as smug and superior in a product that hectors and lectures.

And then, on top of all that white supremacy, you have our left-wing elites parading around all night at the Emmys without masks — while the “help” is forced to wear masks.

Chris Pizzello; John Salangsang/AP Images

These rich, white, racist assholes demand we wear masks, demand the cruelty of small children in masks, force the help to wear masks, and then parade around maskless like the rich, white, racist assholes they all are.

This is Hollywood today…

Black and brown people have to commit career suicide starring in our garbage propaganda, the servants all have to wear masks, and we prance around maskless and give ourselves all the prizes.

You have a patriotic and moral obligation to despise and defy these monsters.

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