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ELECTION AUDITS: Is Wisconsin Next?

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Last year I sat through and watched Wisconsin’s entire election hearing.

The things I heard from witnesses, attorneys, and concerned citizens were enough to make me lose all faith in the elections in this country.

All of the witnesses who testified seemed credible, sober, and above all: they weren’t partisan.

Anyone who sat through that entire hearing couldn’t just dismiss claims of voter fraud, but here we are today…..

New reports indicate that a renewed interest in resolving election fraud claims has gripped Wisconsin GOP lawmakers.

While we aren’t seeing a full audit right away, Speaker Robin Vos has announced special counsel chosen to investigate election fraud in Wisconsin.

Here are the details:

The Epoch Times reports:

Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman was designated by Vos as his “special counsel” to investigate fraud allegations.

“To restore full integrity and trust in elections, we have decided to change direction, giving more authority and independence to Justice Gableman,” he said in a statement on Friday. “I am declaring him Special Counsel and am giving him the authority to hire more full-time investigators who will work at his direction.”

Gableman, Vos said, told him that a more thorough effort was needed with investigators who could work full-time and possibly several hundred thousand dollars for a budget.

A potential timeframe for the investigation appeared in The Associated Press:

Vos said he hoped to complete the work in the fall, around the same time that the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau completes its review that was ordered by the Republican Legislature. Vos has called their review a “multi-faceted forensic audit” even as he’s faced pressure from Trump and the Republican chair of the Assembly elections committee to do a review more similar to the widely discredited one done in Arizona.

Vos said there is no one definition of “forensic audit” but he is hopeful the results of the probe he ordered, and the one done by the nonpartisan Audit Bureau, will be sufficient.

“If you have two independent investigations where they are going to go the way the evidence leads them, that should be something we should all get around,” Vos said.

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