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Dr. Zelenko’s Long-Awaited Z-Flu (Do NOT Take The Jab!)

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Folks…this is a warning from yours truly, Noah.


Don’t take any of the jabs, but especially get your guard up about the Flu shot!

They’ve conditioned everyone for years to think the flu shot is normal, safe, effective.

Truth is, it’s none of those things…in my humble opinion.

But it’s about to get way worse.

They’re going to start merging the COVID Jab into the flu shot.

You may not even know they’re doing it.

Pretty soon, this year perhaps, you won’t even have an option any more for just a “regular” flu shot, it will have the C-19 jab mixed in automatically.

So…what can be done?

Good thing is I have a MUCH better solution for you, and it comes to us from our good friend Dr. Zelenko.

You know, an actual doctor who actually took “Do No Harm” seriously…

Imagine that!

Medical hero Dr. Vladimir Zelenko dedicated the last years of his life to finding healthy over-the-counter alternatives to the mandates of Big Pharma’s totalitarian bureaucrats.

You’ve probably heard about his Z-Stack — a natural supplement that contains what Dr. Zelenko called the “bullet and the gun” for zinc-based disruption of viral replication (ordering through this link and the links below benefits We Love Trump).

A new supplement he created is Z-Flu – it’s now shipping just in time for flu season!

Health officials are already warning that this flu season could be one of the worst in decades. Instead of relying on Big Pharma or rolling the dice that you won’t get sick, why not fortify yourself and your family with Z-Flu!


● Contains Dr. Zelenko’s unique formulation of elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and quercetin.

● Is Made in the USA

● Is GMP-Certified

Dr. Zelenko filmed a video about it in his last days.

Watch (transcript below):

From the video:

Dr. Zelenko: “A healthy immune system is essential to combat against, well, millions of different types of pathogens. When someone has an immune dysregulation, they’re extremely vulnerable. So if we can mitigate at least the most common ones like influenza . . . here’s the dirty little secret: We could virtually eliminate influenza from the world with a over-the-counter natural approach.”

Best of all, Z-Flu comes in gummies!

Click here to order Z-Flu today!

Here’s what people say about Z-Stack:

“I am a full time hospital nurse in NY. Facing covid in spring 2020 with little PPE was extremely frightening, so I did my own research and thank God I found Dr. Zelenko. I have used his protocol, and now take Z-Stack. I have shared the Zelenko protocol and Z-Stack with family, friends, and coworkers who will listen. Thank you Dr. Z, for easing my anxiety and keeping so many of us healthy.”

“Thank you Dr. Z for the peace of mind you have brought us.”

“Thank you for providing a comprehensive product that contains all the elements we need. Thank you for standing up for medical health and freedom!”

To order Z-Flu directly from Liberty Tree Health, click here.

For a limited time, use code WELOVETRUMP at checkout for 15% off!

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