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Doctor Exposes Alarming Rate of Stillbirths in Fully Vaccinated Mothers in Canada; 13 Stillbirths in 24 Hours in British Columbia

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Dr. Daniel Nagase, MD, and Dr. Mel Bruchet, MD, shed light on an emerging public health disaster that governments and mainstream media have suppressed.

Doulas that work in women’s and children’s hospitals spoke up about an alarming rate of stillbirths in British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Nagase reported the doulas had 13 stillbirths in 24 hours in British Columbia.

He stated another horrifying statistic that comes from Waterloo, Ontario.

From January to July, Dr. Nagase claimed there were 86 stillbirths.

The typical stillbirth rate is 5-6 per year, but the startling rate from Waterloo is 14-15 per month.

Dr. Nagase stated he has confirmed from the Waterloo, Ontario report that all 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated mothers.

Watch Dr. Nagase’s statement at a recent rally:

*Source – Bright Light News *

Here’s a backup to Dr. Nagase’s statement on Rumble in case of Big Tech censorship:

Dr. Nagase and Dr. Bruchet went to the North Vancouver RCMP Office with concerned citizens to file complaints about harmful policies enacted by the health minister.

Citizens held a rally at the RCMP Office and Lions Gate Hospital to raise awareness for the dangers of the experimental injection the mainstream media refuses to touch.

Watch below on Bitchute:

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