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DNC Offers Outlandish Excuse For Biden’s Missing Tax Documents

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Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign website initially included tax returns for several previous years, but they mysteriously went missing a few months ago.

Now that he’s in hot water for carelessly stashing classified documents throughout his home and D.C. office, his messy financial situation is under increased scrutiny.

That makes it even more suspicious that his tax documents would seemingly disappear — but of course, the Democratic National Committee has an excuse … and an opportunity to bash Republicans in the process.

According to PJ Media:

And the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which maintains the website, has the lamest excuse for the disappearing tax returns: routine maintenance.

“Last summer, in the course of regular website maintenance, a couple of links to previous tax returns were broken,” DNC spokesman Ammar Moussa told the Washington Times.

The files have reportedly been unavailable since July. “Those links are fixed now, and we look forward to Donald Trump and every 2024 GOP aspirant releasing their own tax returns,” Moussa said.

Critics on social media are suggesting the entire ordeal smells like a cover-up.

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson was among the first to bring attention to this new wrinkle in the growing Biden scandal.

As the Washington Times reported:

“Joe Biden has never had a private sector job. For more than 50 years, he has worked at your expense for the U.S. government. Yet somehow he‘s gotten rich in the process,” Mr. Carlson said Monday night. “How did Joe Biden do that? Well, Joe Biden does not want you to know.”

“Joe no longer links to Joe Biden‘s tax returns for the years 2016 to 2018,” he said. “As of tonight, those links have been deactivated.”

Those links had been down since July. Mr. Moussa said they were alerted to the broken links following Mr. Carlson’s report.

Here’s an extended clip of Carlson breaking down all the details surrounding the controversy.

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