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Did You Know MyPillow Makes The Best Slippers Money Can Buy?

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I am an unabashed, unashamed Mike Lindell and MyPillow fan.

Anyone who puts their entire life and business on the line to support our President, and quite frankly to support our Nation against a stolen election, has my support for life.

When that support leads to being unfairly “canceled” by over 20 major retailers, my support only goes up that much more:

So I’m buying more than just the pillows….I’m buying a bunch of different things.

And here’s the awesome surprise I’ve found out along the way: Mike’s stuff truly is much better than the competition!

Honestly, I’d probably support him no matter what, but it’s a nice bonus that his stuff is actually the best out there.

I will NEVER buy any bedsheets other than Mike’s Giza cotton sheets.

I have two sets I rotate at home and I may get a third.

But my newest purchase is the Moccasin Slippers.

These things are heavenly!

I’ve never actually been a slippers guy, but these things are like walking on a cloud.

Take a look:

Mike says they are “Guarantee the most comfortable slippers you’ll ever own” and he means it!

Here’s what other people are saying about them (unpaid testimonials):

I bought one set for me (Noah) and one set for Mrs. Noah. 😁

Now here’s the best part….

When you use promo code WLT you save BIG money….up to 2/3 off your entire purchase!

Here’s what I saved on my last purchase:

Oh, and here’s one more thing:  Did you know you can actually talk to someone and place your entire order over the phone?

If you have problems ordering online or just don’t like it, tap here to get my instructions for how you can talk to a real human being who speaks english and is super helpful!

I highly recommend it!

If you get the Moccasins or already have them, I want to know if you like them….let me know!

And as always, thanks for your support of Mike!

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