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Did The January 6th Committee Just Discredit Their Own Central Argument?

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The F.B.I. is an agency started by a degenerate to employ the worst people in America.

It is a hive for perhaps the worst thing a person can be: a snitch. It’s an agency of snitches ladies and gentlemen—pure and simple.

Think about what this agency does; they hatch fake plots and attempt to entrap people into either being informants for them, or they go through with the plot simply to push the agenda of the federal government…

Much of the time they do it for both reasons, and much of the time the crimes they are attempting to entrap people in are victimless.

I want everyone to think about exactly what kind of person it takes to not only aspire to this type of lifestyle, but to dedicate their whole lives to it.

Could these possibly be good people? I think not.

The character of a man or woman can somewhat be judged by what they choose to work on—what they dedicate their lives to.

This brings me to my next point: who is Ray Epps?

Many seem to think he is an F.B.I. informant or undercover operative due to videos which have surfaced online, and the knowledge that Epps was on an F.B.I. wanted list, but was later removed from that list.

In one of the videos he can be seen attempting to direct everyone to march on the Capitol building.

Instead of investigating this further, the committee has come to the aid of Epps by defending the legality of his actions and describing him as a law abiding citizen while vehemently denying any role the F.B.I. may have had in the riots.

Ray Epps was caught on video telling people to march on the Capitol, by their own definitions he is an insurrectionist, so why are they defending him as a law abiding citizen?

They betray and undermine their entire argument and reason for even existing by coming to the defense of Ray Epps.

Here’s more on the story:

Trending Politics highlights a segment from Tucker Carlson on Epps and the F.B.I:

“Did you hear that? Cruz asked, ‘Did any FBI agents or confidential informants, crimes of violence on January 6th?’ That’s what he asked. The obvious answer is are you kidding? ‘Of course the FBI isn’t secretly committing crimes of violence, that’s insane, we’re a federal law enforcement agency, not the Tonton Macoute. Next question, please.’

That’s what she should have said, but that’s not what she said. Innstead, she replied, ‘I can’t answer that.’ But of course Jill Sanborn can answer that and she should be forced to answer that immediately. ‘No sources and methods can be revealed.’ Just answer the question. Did they participate in violence or not, why is that hard?”


According to The Epoch Times, Epps’ attorney claims that he is not an F.B.I. informant:

While The Epoch Times was initially unable to reach Epps for comment, he responded to a text message later on the night of Jan. 11.

“Please refer any questions to our attorney John Blischak,” Epps wrote. “He will be happy to answer your questions, as I’ve been advised not to talk to anyone at this time.”

When reached by phone the next morning, Blischak vigorously denied that Epps is a federal informant.

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