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Democrats Party Without Masks While Pelosi Fines Maskless GOP Members

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Things like this make me think Democrats collectively skipped out of the required reading in school.

How liberals in power behave have huge parallels to books like “Lord of the Flies” and “Animal Farm.”

We’ve been seeing people in power create two sets of rules. There are the rules that we have to follow, and then there are the rules that influential liberals can ignore.

Just this weekend, Breitbart released pictures of Governor Gretchen Whitmer partying it up mask free with all her friends in defiance of her own orders.

Keep in mind, this is the same governor that demanded her voters to stay out of Florida on spring break while taking her children to the Florida Keys.


The list keeps getting longer and longer of leaders that don’t follow their own rules.

It seems like COVID has been a great excuse to get the ordinary people to stay out of places the elite feel they don’t belong. No more waiting for a table.

It’s not just limited to leaders on the state and local levels either. Between her beauty salon visits, she took the time to pass rules that require House members to wear a mask on the floor.

She released this edict despite the new CDC guidelines.

She has even started fining GOP lawmakers that are siding with the CDC over her rules. The fines start at $500 and can increase to as much as $2,400.00

Here’s Marjorie Taylor Greene with an epic response after getting a letter from Nancy, fining her for not wearing a mask on Rumble:

Meanwhile, Democrats went mask-free and distance-free at a recent event. 

Fox News gave some details about the event. 

Pelosi went maskless Thursday at the White House during an East Room celebration to sign a new COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law with President Biden. She was spotted hugging and mingling freely at the event and did not observe social distancing protocols. 

Here’s a video of all the fun maskless, zero-distance festivities on Rumble

You can’t watch that video and feel okay with what’s happening. No matter the number of excuses they try and give about why it’s okay for them to do what you’re not allowed to, it’s not going to change the fact that this is wrong. Plain and simple.

Just because Nancy didn’t read Animal Farm growing up doesn’t mean Americans can’t see the similarities from a mile away.

We may be looking at all the feasting from outside the window for now, but come election season, I think a significant wake-up call is coming.

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