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Democrats Are Seeking Mercy For the Atlanta Spa Shooter. They Want a Race War

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As an Asian American, the news of the Atlanta District Attorney seeking the death penalty against the Atlanta spa shooter was comforting. It showed there would be justice. MSNBC reported on it.

On Tuesday, Atlanta’s recently elected district attorney, Fani Willis, announced that she would be seeking the death penalty and hate crimes penalty enhancements against Robert Aaron Long, the 22-year-old man charged in the Atlanta-area shootings at spas that left eight people dead, including six women of Asian descent.

The shooter took the lives of 8 innocent people, primarily because of the color of their skin.

The shooter put officer’s and first responder’s lives at risk as they had to try and stop the bloodshed.

The death penalty seems like a punishment that fits the crime. Additionally, it would be a warning to others trying to attempt the same thing in the future.

That’s how rational human beings would think. But liberals aren’t rational.

The left has decided to seek justice. Not for the eight victims.

Democrats want to seek mercy for the shooter who took those lives.

Chris Geidner of MSNBC summed up the left’s idiotic logic.

Willis’ decision to seek the death penalty is the wrong one — both for her in particular and, as recent history counsels, in cases alleging bias-motivated violence more broadly.

While Willis might believe, as she said on Tuesday, that this is a case that “warrants” seeking the death penalty, advocates from more than a decade ago made clear the dangerous path such a decision can clear for “disproportionate application” of the death penalty “against poor people” and for the “unequal and racially biased application of the death penalty,” to say nothing of larger concerns about the use of the death penalty in any circumstance.

To fight racism, the Left wants to seek mercy for the people committing deadly racist acts, not the victims. That’s some liberal college logic right there.

The shooter wasn’t throwing a latte at these innocent victims. He intended to kill as many people as he could.

That’s who the Left is trying to protect. They have told the families of these victims, justice doesn’t matter for you. If it doesn’t serve our more extensive plan, we don’t care about you at all.

Liberals are ignoring Asian American’s pain so they can save a killer’s life.

Look at the double standard:

The left doesn’t want to seek the death penalty for a man that killed half a dozen Asian people.

BUT they do want the death penalty for the police officer that used excessive force that tragically resulted in George Floyd’s death. (Pardon the language in these tweets, but you know, liberals)

Liberals are starting a race war.

Why? Because it’s lucrative and keeps them in power. Some of the most divisive, violent race-based conflict has happened in states where Democrats are in charge.

We are not strangers to the way they play the game.

The Left plans to create inequality between minorities, pitting them against each other.

Democrats swoop in and blame Republicans.

Minorities vote for the Democrats to fix the problem.

Democrats make things worse, continuing to leverage the pain of minorities to solidify their power.

It’s just another example of how the Left doesn’t care about minorities. They use them.

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