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Democrat Lawmaker Tells Police “I Run Y’all Budget, Bro” When He’s Stopped For Driving Drunk

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Whatever happened to we need  “ACCOUNTABILITY”….

It seems like Dems only use that word when it’s politically convenient.

Democrat state lawmaker of Michigan  Rep. Jewell Jones threatened police officers by stating he would tell Governor Gretchen Whitmer on them if they tried to arrest him for drinking and driving.

The incident started when Jones was driving under the influence and rolled his car over in a ditch.

Police soon arrived at the scene but Jones chose not to comply with the officers but instead was quoted saying “I run y’all budget, bro”.

My wonder Dems want to defund the police because they break the law!

Jones ended up being charged with four counts of resisting an arrest, operating a vehicle with a high blood alcohol content, reckless driving, and possessing a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

The Daily Wire didn’t stay silent and had this to say:

A Michigan Democrat who serves as the state’s Democratic vice chairman of the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee, threatened state police that he would alert Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), adding that he ran the state’s police budget, before he was charged with driving drunk and resisting police officers.

“For almost 50 miles, witnesses reported, the vehicle with the vanity plate ‘ELECTED’ was driving so recklessly earlier this month that at least one person saw the car go the wrong way before it rolled into a ditch,” The Washington Post added.

Two state troopers arrived and said Jones “was combative and attempted to flash a badge at police instead of his identification.”

The police report asserted that when troopers asked Jones again for an ID, he shook his arms “as if he were about to do something.” Jones was taken to the ground where a stun gun was utilized as well as pepper spray in order for handcuffs to be applied. The cupholder of the Tahoe held a loaded Glock, the report alleged.

The police report stated that during the altercation, Jones snapped at the troopers, “I don’t give a f*** bro, when I call Gretchen (I’ll) need [y’all] ID’s badge numbers everything,” adding, “It’s not going to be good for you, I run y’all budget, bro.”

Fox News covered the incident and had these details to share:

Michigan State Police have reportedly charged Democratic state Rep. Jewell Jones with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and weapons possession following a Tuesday collision on Interstate 96 in Fowlerville, according to local reports.

Police initially arrested Jones, 26, on April 6, and he had a virtual arraignment hearing on Friday via Zoom, according to Fox 2 Detriot.

“The defendant’s dangerous driving spanned from Southfield from Fowlerville, Michigan, where eventually his car was located in a ditch off of I-96,” Livingston County prosecutor Carolyn Henry said during the hearing. The drive from Fowlerville to Southfield is approximately 50 miles.

Jones’ blood-alcohol level was allegedly twice the legal limit and he resisted arrest when police arrived. Law enforcement also discovered a Glock in the glove compartment of his vehicle, according to Fox 2.

I’m sure he used the  “I know Gov. Whitmer” card before and got out of trouble.

It looks like it didn’t work this time!

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