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Dana Coverstone: The Halloween Dream…Interpreted!

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Last week I brought you Dana Coverstone’s “Halloween Dream”.

I’ll post the full article and video below in case you missed it.

As promised, this week Dana had his good friend Cherie Goff on to do an interpretation of that dream.

I’ve been waiting for this all week and I’m excited to share it with you.

I’m actually posting this before watching it because I wanted to get it out to you quickly.

So leave a comment below with YOUR thoughts after you watch.

Please enjoy:

And here was the post and video from last week:

Dana Coverstone: The Halloween Dream

We haven’t talked about Dana Coverstone in a while, but it’s not because we don’t like him.

He’s a wonderful Pastor who suddenly started having prophetic dreams that he posted online.

And guess what?

People didn’t always like them!

And that got my attention, because I don’t want people always posting what tickling ears want to hear.

I want to post things that are real.

And Dana Coverstone is the real deal.

So I always enjoy checking in with him when he has something new, and this new one is great!

You need to listen for yourself and then we will post the follow up in a couple days, but as Dana says there is a pretty obvious main explanation here….

Is Biden about to be exposed?

Is the masked man about to be exposed?

Is the church about to be exposed?

What a powerful dream, please enjoy:

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Dana is going to be posting a follow up video in a few days talking through the interpretation, but I’d love to hear what you think in the meantime.

And if you’ve never heard of Dana before, then I need to bring you up to speed…

Start here:

Revisiting Pastor Dana Coverstone’s “Three Prophetic Dreams” — Trump Missing?

A reader recently reminded me of Pastor Dana Coverstone’s three prophetic dreams that he posted back in summer of 2020 before the election.

I was recently reminded of Pastor Dana Coverstone and the three prophetic dreams he posted during the summer of 2020.

Do you remember those?

If not, I have his video for you below.

Again, remember that this was posted on June 25, 2020, which would be before the election.

When he posted this video he got a LOT of pushback from people calling him a false prophet and saying he was way off.


Because the video did NOT have a rosy outlook for the future.

Specifically, the video said that he saw after the election and President Trump was “nowhere to be found”.

Not only that but things started to go downhill VERY quickly in our country.

So I got to thinking….it looks to me like he was pretty spot on, don’t you think?

Watch the video again for yourself and let me know if you think he nailed it:

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