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Canadian Pastor Who Was Arrested For COVID-19 Violations Says Arsonist Set His Garage On Fire

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The persecution against Christians in Canada continues…

Do you remember in the news cycle awhile back there was a viral video of a pastor calling the police Nazi’s after they raided his church because of “COVID-19 violations”.

Well that Pastor was Artur Pawlowski of Alberta, Canada and after the police raided his church he was later arrested for violating public health orders after he held a church service without wearing masks.

The way he was arrested was even more horrific and a video showed Pastor Pawlowski being arrested right in the middle of of a wet highway after they received a warrant for his arrest.

Well, Pawlowski has since been released and now he has come out and said that an arsonist tried to burn his garage down!

The Canadian pastor even uploaded a video of firefighters putting out the fire that was set to his garage.

The Christian Post covered the incident and had these details to add:

A Canadian pastor who has repeatedly clashed with the local government officials over worship restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic is alleging that arsonists have targeted his home and set his garage ablaze.

Appearing on Rebel Media Sunday, Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, recalled how the garage at his private residence was set on fire late Saturday night.

“About 11:30 p.m., my wife, she hears some commotions and firefighters, I mean, so many cars and police. And first, we thought … maybe they’re coming for me in the middle of the night. But no, they came to put the fire down.”

After heading outside and initially believing that their neighbors’ house was on fire, the Pawlowskis figured out that it was their garage that was on fire. Pawlowski posted video footage of firefighters working to extinguish the fire on his YouTube channel.

“Someone set our property on fire. Someone wants us dead,” he said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Why? I’m feeding the poor. I’m feeding Muslims. I’m feeding homosexuals. I’m feeding whites and Asians and blacks. I’m feeding people and I’m not hurting anyone, and they want me dead, and they want my children dead?’”

Describing the fire as “shocking,” Pawlowski maintained that he “would never imagine that we would be living in a country that … our right to be different, our rights … to be able to express ourselves in a different way than others would be punishable by death.”

Just one week ago, police arrested Pastor Pawlowski as if he was a terrorist.

Take a look:

The Blaze covered the story too:

Arsonists reportedly tried to burn down Alberta, Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s garage earlier this week, the embattled preacher said.

Earlier in May, police arrested both Pawlowski and his brother for holding a church service despite the country’s COVID-related ban on such services. Alberta currently has a 15-person cap on religious gatherings across the province due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pawlowski spoke with Rebel News for an interview published on Monday, where he detailed a suspicious fire that broke out on his property just a week after his viral arrest.

Pawlowski recalled the moment when he and his wife went outside during the middle of the night on Saturday following noise and commotion. They discovered the ultimate shock: Firefighters were on the scene at their home extinguishing a fire that had broken out in their garage.

The fire, the pastor said, was reportedly started with cardboard stuffed inside a blue bin that was shoved up against the garage’s wooden door.

“Someone set our property on fire, someone wants us dead,” he told the outlet. “And I’m thinking, ‘Why?’ I’m feeding the poor, I’m feeding Muslims, I’m feeding homosexuals. I’m feeding whites, and Asians, and blacks. I’m feeding people and I’m not hurting anyone and they want me dead and they want my children dead.”

Here’s a video of the fire fighters putting out the fire:

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